To do well in network promotion we must first change our thinking

the webmaster, I was engaged in this work leaves van sickle, for a long time, the middle has experienced a lot of things he had never encountered, but came through, see your site www.yefanxi.com rankings to the front page of the site today, but also to their greatest comfort. Well, today, let’s share some ideas about the transformation of SEO’s ideas.

1, don’t think to do network promotion is coolie live, there are a lot of knowledge,

believes that many people just entered this circle, like me, think website promotion is the IT community of migrant workers: the release of information, registration sites, messages, questions and answers platform, pervasive. I think if you work with me for a while, you will find that there is a lot of knowledge in the promotion. Not that you turn on your computer every day and you can just advertise it, and we should get out of the idea of the IT migrant worker.

if you like a fly without head hair a pass, not only on their own website to reach the effect of publicity, but also make their own websites bring bad effects. SEO is not to say that the more information released better, according to different types of sites have different analysis and promotion strategy, this is the true network promotion skills, rather than like a wild toil.

2, network promotion also needs more data analysis, to play data

believe that experienced webmaster all know, every day to their web site for data analysis: IP, PV, jump out rate, the number of the chain, included amount, inside and outside the chain ratio. These can not be said to go every day to see it, but also a period of time to analyze, so that they are responsible for their own web site.

of course, if you want to go beyond your competitors website, you should be more relevant data to analyze competitors’ website, so you can make corresponding adjustment according to the strategy and check out the data.

data analysis requires very careful work, and some people will disdain to go to data analysis, they think if I waste time on it, it is better to do more promotion. In fact, this is the thinking has not changed over, for a web site, data analysis is essential, you promote your website is to what, is that your site traffic, and you don’t have to buy, to analyze their web traffic data and data conversion and so on how are you going to do with these your promotion.

3 doesn’t think his job is just to rank

I was told that the network is to promote your website ranking, there is no ranking or ranking, then your work is not good, in fact, this is the network promotion a wrong cognition, network promotion is not only for search engine rankings, ranking only is part of your job.

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