Stationmaster should learn to find the pleasure of doing station dig website vitality

"very tired, very boring."." This is now a lot of webmaster to do stand feeling. Some owners because of hobbies and do standing, although tired, but may feel very substantial, but also motivated. And some webmaster may because of all sorts of reasons, chose not very popular industry, also is not their own interest, do very hard, and sometimes feel very boring. Especially in the near future, the network environment is bad, the policy balance no longer toward personal webmaster tilt, personal website overall prospect is worrying, some operators are not satisfied with the station, for doing boring station may feel more deeply. At first, full of expectations, a drive, but for a long time, in the face of heavy, repeated promotion work and update optimization, the webmaster’s patience was a little bit flat, and began to weary of day after day to do the station work. But no matter is quietly insisted to insist on his own interests or beliefs, or social employment prospects without living in addition to the website that does not eliminate, are reluctant to leave and struggling, even pessimism spread, dull feeling throughout the body, the webmaster is reluctant to give up the site, this is why?

the problem from graph king today’s post: perception: the site as a living creature, put it up. Found the answer. Small web sites, but the reason why you did not give up your web site, it is because of your web site has vitality". This life force is different from life in biology. It’s the energy you put into your web site. No matter what your website looks like, no matter how boring you end up thinking it is. The day and night to update the site promotion into the hope and hard work is indelible, even if there is no money, as a webmaster to see their hard to modify the code for templates built out of the site will have to say no feelings, perhaps the site itself does not have the life, but in the webmaster heart, he is the webmaster children, friends, playmates, or pet. The webmaster spent money to buy the domain name server, so as to save the site. Webmaster learning site knowledge, promotion skills, SEO optimization technology, in order to better communicate with the website. Stationmaster stays up late, hard update website, increase originality content, it is to increase nutrition to the website, grow sturdily. Webmaster to the website for a permit, it is equivalent to give their children on account, there is a legitimate existence of proof. In short, although a long time will be boring, but the webmaster has unwittingly, the site as a life and treat, and they are unaware.

although unknowingly, the site has a life in the bottom of the webmaster, but most of the webmaster are not aware of it in time. Therefore, the webmaster do stand should timely adjust the mentality, the site as a life body, hard to understand do stand experience, communication, and flexible communication website thinking, innovation, to inject more vitality to the website, the website will live side out is also to explore the value of the website. As the image of the king said, A5 forum a common answer area (http://s.bbs.admin5.com/forum-292-1.html), has been very.

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