Stationmaster says tell me the bitterness that builds in the station

it’s been a really happy day. Today is not my lottery.. It’s not my birthday, either. Not even I collect money. In September 1st, my life might change for a day like this. Webmaster class navigation website, launched successfully in September 1st, this is a very fortunate thing, like a child, although there is no ability to distinguish this colorful world, but it already has the world


webmaster classroom site navigation is therefore named, 9.1 is the beginning of the new semester. Into the learning phase, the so-called master class is where we learn, there are constantly updated and enriched the content for our study and exchange! Recall the unforgettable build process, I have been doing more mysterious, a few days ago guidance website quickly completed, I was with my those who play well friends say this is not secret secret. Webmaster classroom navigation site, accompanied by my hard years, gave me a great entrepreneurial passion.

from the analysis of the content of the website, my position is very simple, to create a public service website, so I continue to find relevant information, I analyzed the China three major portals, analyzes the current largest health Web site 39, analysis of the current various portals, analyzes a series of personal webmaster from the beginning, to write the site, I gradually found that although many navigation site, but they are not comprehensive and professional, "doing is very poor, there are a few nice point, but a closer look, the substantive content is not enough, so as to determine the type of this determination I do website navigation.

domain name space I also choose not under twenty, excluding one by one, to determine gogogo.COM, dhz.COM and so on a series of, but have been registered, the heart is not the taste, but there is one thing for me, the domain name should be simple and clear at a glance, so remember, so decided to find easy to remember domain name, after investigation, finalized a careful look at the www.513gogo.com, I have a little taste of 513, Chinese is more sensitive to the number 5, is considering a few days, the domain name lost, so decided to enable the domain name. Is the most headache for space, choose the better, then slowly eliminated from several servers satisfied with customer contact, found a slightly lower price, but also has its own four-star room, there are a lot of business standing there, so I believe this, then determined, when the experimental field, so, spent half a month’s time to fix these. I found that every detail had to be taken into consideration, and I didn’t want to have my webmaster classroom navigation site in less than a year or two. It’s not what I want to see.

the next day is to do a website, I saw a lot of free navigation station program on the Internet, do not feel satisfied, I want to do this for the public service website, do not covet cheap goods is not good, after all, free. Good goods are not cheap

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