Loss of 2 million women’s Amoy brand Tmall shop once brilliant painful transformation lesson

‘s first article: once brilliant.

we are a traditional company in which clothes and accessories are up. Around 2000, we also had our own factories. Sales exceeded 50 million. Substantive trade oriented. East Gate, Nanyou have stalls. In 2012, see others do Taobao fiery. So, in the east gate, rented an office building. Rent 200 thousand. Decoration 100 thousand. As a result, 8 thousand of the salary paid an operation and 4 artists. Opened a Taobao C shop. 2 months later, he opened a Tmall store. When sales are at their best, they have more than 2 million of sales each month. Sales reached 10 million in 2012. In the first half of 2013, more than 8 million. So, we began to fantasy, we can also do Amoy brand. When bullish. At that time, express brother begged us every day. Pass us cigarettes to each of us.

second: inventory pressure caused financial difficulties and performance rocket decline.

, however, this is just our bright side. On the other hand, we have more than 3 million of our stock in our warehouse. Especially we are the Korean blouses and dresses for the season. There are 5 Styles in our explosion, which make our operators dizzy and order a lot. So, in the summer will be over, our capital chain broken. The company is a mess. From the initial 30 people, gradually compressed to 6 people. Millions of sales per month are reduced to less than 100 thousand of sales per month. From the east gate of high-grade office buildings, transferred to the industrial district of Buji, from the Amoy brand fantasy, back to the daily express was reluctant to pick up the humiliation.

third: 13 years Tmall shop closed.

We can only do a

as a warning for the future. Order price 80 a few pieces of clothes, and finally do clearance. 68 yuan, but also subsidies postage. Finally, the core artist and operator went away. By December, the company decided to shut down, and Tmall switched to C. Leaving a regret. See the company’s gate, the original fantasy big brand Menbian and slogans. I can only leave sadly.

fourth: self redemption and business transformation.

Tmall doesn’t have to play. What? Fortunately, my core artist is still there. I can still be a little bit of a rallying point. So I pulled some of my best friends to tea again. We’re analyzing what we have left. We feel there are hundreds of thousands of customer resources. We play electricity supplier. We have young capital. We understand the product and supply chain. The biggest short board is now limited funds. The money in hand can be collected less than 200 thousand. How to do it? Finally, we saw the opportunity for WeChat. It was also a red envelope advertisement for WeChat in the 14 year of the lunar new year. So we decided to be WeChat. 4 of us, each beginning with his personal number. Circle of friends began, mad brush fans. Positioning Europe and the United States to play cards, clothing, specially made imitation of the big name. Because we are playing electricity supplier, I >

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