After the spring tide 99% of the media will be reduced to ashes


/ Tang Persian general

when we talk about video from the media today, the first thing that comes to mind in many people is often "Luo Ji mind", or Gao Xiaosong’s "Xiao Shuo". It’s not fair that many people deliberately ignore the podcast frenzy that has been on the Internet in China between 2008 and 2010, and it’s unfair to take these high-end talk shows as the beginning of video media. Today’s young people hear the beast called Yi Xing’s name, would often think of micro network drama "never thought" the director beast called Yi Xing, rather than the network broadcast, the famous spoof Master beast called Yi xing. More young people have even forgotten the sensational "journey to the west" or "migrant workers are crazy", which has created a sensation on the internet. Network culture mortal people tend to think that young people today are no memories of a generation, they are very difficult to use a symbolic program as a sign of his youth, we can only use "that beast and hair so vague hole to disguise their sentimental stubble.

there have been more than one UGC craze in China’s online history, but these trends tend to be too brief and ignore their existence. As early as the blog era in China, many people have tried to put their work on the blog serial, once appeared quite a lot of excellent works and authors. However, after this wave, people often find that these first use of network celebrity or quickly into the quiet and obliterate all men; or by traditional media incorporated, quickly put their reputation in the network has changed now. Many people blame this phenomenon on the lack of profit means in the Internet literature, which makes it difficult for the author to obtain the necessary remuneration from his works. Examples are similar starting points, where web sites that give authors revenue sharing have been doing well, while free literary communities are often unsustainable. However, the starting point is the standard PGC model, the starting point of the network is also a highly professional writers fiction crowd. This seems to reveal the development of China’s UGC model, no matter how vigorous, and ultimately go back to the traditional PGC model.

throughout the 2014, since the media today are repeating the mistakes of the blog, Podcast (of course, the main broadcast and bloggers is also consistent with the definition from the media, but today from the media in the operation mode, profit means and other aspects than before is very different, so just are not divided into a class), a lot of people into the cause of intense competition, the sound from the media not high popularity is often cover a lot of homogeneity in the content, and has been famous since the media began to move closer to the traditional media. "Mind of mind" has been seen as a model from the media, but in fact, "Luo Ji Thinking" team from the very beginning is a very professional content production team. Although everyone has several roles, but the division of labor is clear, no less than ordinary magazine or column group >

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