Several ways to interpret the layout of nternet products

understand the product industry after the next step is to do the layout of the products, to a process before what, for this process is the layout, there’s an old saying that what is the layout of absolute ending, Internet product layout, and how the layout? That way, the Internet is the basic product in product layout the problems and the solutions are listed one by one, these problems through communication and coordination with various departments to solve the process.

how to layout in order to be effective, departments will be completed step-by-step task, and the realization of goals, there are generally these methods.

explain the product

in one sentence

is now a lot of success, the Internet products are a word to explain what the product is, millet is born for fever, WeChat is a small individual, but also has its own brand. Alibaba is to let the world is not difficult to do business, perhaps this is no explanation, maybe more like a kind of culture, Internet products need to have their own culture, product marketing is the future of cultural marketing, community marketing, the formation of influence through a story.

two, the value of the product is

from the nature of the product are set to solve one or more demand, because such products have value, can have the sale of capital, and these are derived from the demand, there is a market demand, there is pain point needs, value of Internet products comes from the demand is urgent, whether most have the market, maybe you can change the product needs of users, or to create demand, affecting more users.

three, differentiation with competitors

is a world without competitive business, Internet products are lack of innovation, but this is precisely the opportunity, do Internet products is a blue ocean, is set up for people who have dreams, in many Internet products to see a lot of micro innovation, a small function will put up a user experience the steps have different, some users consider, we must understand the product features is used for whom this group is what, to innovation is the fundamental survival differences between products.

four, the business model of the product

Each of the

Internet products are profitable, many sites have been in the burn, but there are a lot of people to put money to burn him why, after all is profitable, the basic characteristics of Internet products is after the first burn to make money, free of charge for the channel, taking the bait for the market, with a double eleven discount on Kuangzhuan, definition of product the business model is to convince vcs.

five, product execution plan,

after the analysis of the demand, the product should be how people can develop it, to have someone to test the function is powerful, what are the shortcomings of the marketing to show that kind of function, to solve what problems?. This is the product implementation of R & D, testing, operation, sales, implementation, the basic is to see the results, check more, find problems, seek solutions. The target node of the product execution plan is >

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