Please evaluate yourself before sending your articles to the webmaster

today, the original article is webmaster nets is 70% of the surge forward, the webmaster has the essential error.

nets have 70% articles content your links, yes, this is a reward for your offbeat writing. But there is a question, a part of the article is very good, although it is soft, but can let people learn, get some experience. Let people see the mood Shuyue, quite a lot of income and part of the article. I just can’t believe, I say these questions below.

problem 1. Short

some people say, the dapper, concentrated, but the essence. Yes, there are some articles that can be short but no content, no opinion, with their own links to get throught a thing carelessly, and write some truth out of order, OK, an article is now the Admin5 home page, I that it is for their own article is not responsible for, but also on the Admin5 reader is not responsible for the chain, AD is important, but responsible for their own, others responsible for more important.


, unintelligible

some title and content is completely irrelevant, for example. There is a problem: how do I get Baidu to 5000IP every day, but the content is on its own. Write things out of order, the comments in an uproar, who did not understand what the author wrote, and open the article, copy the URL. Go to the Baidu site, wasn’t included. This is not responsible for the problem than a more serious, I do not know to write this article, will face red.

question three: Brag


site is not blown out, is made out of the whole article, some people all say their website how to do, how the results, some say get venture 500 thousand, some say IP over 10000, some say every 1000 members, but there is no article that their own website is how to promote the same problem, 21 like, do not know a talk rubbish, in what to say, or the result of open a look, oh, today’s post: 0. the author also Speechless.

temporarily to sum up the above three points to the post error, you still have to recognize your post, not post for soft. And if you want your soft, this soft is " waste " soft, without any effect, don’t think that soft paper is well written with a link on the line, Wen is a very the secret things, here is not to introduce more.

my writing is not remarkable, really extraordinary, a month ago the Chinese senior high school entrance examination was 125, badly written please understanding! Finally a link: just do the Playstation http://s.windyou.com  

; welcome to visit!

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