Yinchuan young college students venture guarantee round young people’s career dream

young people’s acceptance of entrepreneurship in the rapid rise, there are a lot of people have had entrepreneurial ideas, but suffer from lack of funds, projects, contacts and other resources and had to give up. Yinchuan set up security funds to help young entrepreneurs.

The government guarantees the highest

"public entrepreneurship, innovation" is the concept of prime minister Li Keqiang proposed in 2014. Today, the wave of entrepreneurship has swept the country, in the city of Yinchuan, there are countless young entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial dreams. However, many people do not give up the dream because of funding. In fact, whether it is government departments or financial institutions, have introduced the entrepreneurial support policies, the issuance of support funds, banks can help young entrepreneurs loans. When it comes to starting the first venture capital acquisition, generally through two ways.

for entrepreneurship of university graduates, the Yinchuan municipal government has given a clear support from fiscal year, invested 2 million yuan to set up youth entrepreneurship in Yinchuan city guarantees, small loans guarantee fund management, earmarked for support of young college students loan guarantee. Where registered in the city of young entrepreneurs can enjoy the policy – the maximum amount of not more than 200 thousand yuan of interest loans.

policy, all within 5 years of graduation of college students, to the municipal departments to submit a written application, small business secured loans business project book (business plan) and guarantee that, after examination by the relevant departments, recommend the applicant for the loan contract signed with the bank, the handling bank first issued startup Gold 20 thousand yuan, require the applicant to apply for business tax registration, business premises rental, decoration and pre prepared within two months and officially opened, qualified by the municipal business sector review, issued the business loan balance.

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