To our webmaster do stand have a good attitude


webmaster or SEOER hard and insist on maintaining our own landing station, look at it every day several numbers, let people spook, rose fell very happy, lost their labor results fully reflected in the impersonal on the number of.

has been a webmaster for a few years. I’m a little exhausted. I’m worried about a lot of problems, such as copyright, server and hacker attacks. For all the difficulties, our webmaster has overcome all the obstacles just to have a place on the first page on Baidu or GG. To make that relentless number increase. Yes, relentless numbers have increased. The money in our pockets does increase, too. But this increase is a negative amount.

every search engine update algorithm or update included, the night is with thinking and pressure to sleep. When I wake up in the morning, my head is heavy. Turn on the computer, check the situation of the website, everything is OK, the mood finally drops down. Find out something wrong, even breakfast can not attend to eat, in time to eliminate all the problems. But I do not know SEO is time, this temporary solution, I do not know whether it is correct. In short, helpless.


hates most is the ranking that he has done for a long time, because search engines change algorithms. Suddenly all rankings are gone, at that time I feel like breaking down, which makes me hard and insist the results cast to the wind.

summed up some of the webmaster and SEOER do is mentality, not yet time and technology, in fact, many things are very simple. Success only depends on his good attitude and persistence. Unable to bear this kind of mental attack, the person calmly accepts the result of the withdrawal. I just write this diary, tell myself: attentively, do my best. He who believes in giving is rewarded. Also tell you stationmaster, want to unite. I believe the webmaster and SEOER have had enough of this mental pressure. No way, who called us out of a monopoly of China’s Baidu? In the development of the road behind, the strong stronger. The laws of nature never change, and the fittest live. So, everybody. If you plan to be a station master. You must start from a ready to do the brand, do station.

here, to all of us, dear webmaster and SEOER, iphone-ebook.cn webmaster.

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