Mou Changqing TOP40 site navigation station recommended sharing

below, I collected through various channels TOP40 site navigation station, according to ALEXA rankings, because many are portal station navigation station, so do not represent the row in front of the higher flow. Everyone will be looking for sites, stations advertising, you can find the following sites try. ALEXA high ranking does not mean high traffic flow, ALEXA low ranking is not necessarily low traffic, we have to pay special attention to kazakhstan. If you also know that there are some good quality web site, I do not have any, welcome to inform you. Thank you,

website station, TOP40ALEXA ranking PR value website address

Baidu site Daquan 116http://s.site.baidu.com

TT URL Daquan 174http://s.abc.qq.com/

GOOGLE navigation 377http://s.daohang.google.cn/

YAHOO site Daquan 766http://s.site.yahoo.com.cn

SOOS URL Daquan 1045http://s.site.soso.com/


kuxun live site 17584http://s.123.kuxun.cn/

hao123 site home 17728http://s.hao123.com

265 site navigation 47127http://s.265.com/

5566 site Daquan 72616http://s.5566.net

9991 site navigation 81017http://s.9991.com/

114, 88346http://s.114la.com/


7999 site Daquan 170975http://s.7999.com/


Gaga online 194126http://s.jjol.cn/

123 site Daquan 206184http://s.123456.cn


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