Three essential qualities of successful entrepreneurs

many people want to go on the road of entrepreneurship, but the real success is not much, a lot of people may never think of entrepreneurship, it is difficult to take a step, it can be said, want to achieve business, must have certain conditions, following small series to introduce successful entrepreneurs to three high quality necessary!

entrepreneurs of these three qualities, in simple terms, is to reach a high EQ, IQ, strong adversity quotient. IQ enough to be willing to learn and work; high EQ will be a wide range of interpersonal relationships; strong frustration will be able to take risks. The main contents include the following ten aspects:

— Based on the integrity of business. Market economy has entered the era of honesty and credit, as a special form of capital, the integrity of the enterprise has increasingly become the foundation and source of development. Entrepreneur quality determines the market reputation and development space. Do not abide by the good faith or can win the profit of the moment, but it is bound to lose long-term benefits". On the other hand, is able to bring a good reputation bonanza, the business is getting better and better.


intangible capital — the entrepreneurial spirit of leaders. Corporate culture is called the soul and spiritual pillar of enterprise. The essence of corporate culture is the entrepreneurial spirit of leadership, which is the cohesion of the staff of a copy of the wealth, but also the key to the survival and development of start-ups. For entrepreneurs, it is more important to focus on shaping the spirit of leadership than to accumulate wealth, because wealth can be won or lost in an instant, but the spirit of leadership is always to win the future of intangible capital.

social skills – in today’s age of advocating cooperation and win-win, past single-handed entrepreneurship has become increasingly unsuited to the needs of the times. Expand the social circle, through friends to grasp more information, seek greater development, is increasingly becoming a shortcut to successful entrepreneurship. >

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