Repeated setbacks college students do not change the entrepreneurial record

does not change the heart is a kind of power, it can make an entrepreneur after setbacks can still stick to their own initiative to start entrepreneurial action. College students is a wealth of wealth is not changed the heart of the beginning of the people, even with all kinds of setbacks, he also stick to the entrepreneurial dream.

out of the village to change the family’s living environment, at the same time, promote more young college students to participate in the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship. This is the general manager of Anhui Feng Hui agricultural science and technology limited company to the original power of entrepreneurship Bowen property. From the beginning of the University, Bao Encai continue to venture to try, and many times to participate in all kinds of entrepreneurial competition, accumulate experience, accumulate capital. After the founding of the company, he chose to continue his studies, in the field of agricultural construction in the hope that a piece of heaven and earth.

accumulate experience for the entrepreneurial storage capacity of

The second grade

repeatedly setback does not change the entrepreneurial dream

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