Xin’an will create a new Shenzhen innovation heights

13th Five-Year first year, around the need to plan for the construction and development of the next five years. Accelerate the construction of innovative development potential of the streets of Xin’an, the spirit of Xin’an and the spirit of innovation together to drive the future development of Xin’an, Xin’an will be the top priority.

2015 for the Xin’an street is a year of heritage and transformation, is to create a year of promotion, but also with the results of a year of sweat. Seize the "top philanthropist" and "innovation" and "filial piety" this a few key words, tight on the municipal and district level of overall work arrangements and requirements, combined with their own advantages and disadvantages, facing the development of strength, Xin’an is not only to produce a satisfactory report card, identity labels to the region’s first billions of tax yuan street, leading the region’s economic and social development.

a hard spring forest canoe difficult. "Baoan, Binhai Industrial City, activity area" construction, the need for more and more like the streets of Xin’an with the entrepreneurial passion and leading consciousness, also, with such spirit, believed to belong to the story of Xin’an, will also gradually into the new nirvana.

to build Xin’an into a new heights of innovation and entrepreneurship development, cannot do without the leadership of the government, also cannot do without the support and cooperation, every entrepreneur’s mutual cooperation, create brilliant, Xin’an will become more and more prosperous.

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