Open a deli can not make money

the development of society is in the era of artificial intelligence development, and what is artificial intelligence, human life, without effort can be replaced by machines, and humans only engaged in high skilled work, but it also means that people’s life will become more and more convenient, and human consumption will tend to be more and more convenient. And what kind of projects can provide food and beverage brands in the consumer demand and consumption, the most convenient, small series that is a cooked food. Buy a cooked food, not only delicious nutrition, but also inexpensive. What are the cooked food brands? Do you have any money to open a deli?

wants to know the operation of cooked food can make money, we must first understand the cooked product profit, two is to understand the food industry individuals, three is to understand how to manage food, four is to understand the food industry rate of return on investment. What kind of business is to do market research, early be aware of, to fight.

cooked food products for the entire food and beverage industry, in fact, we all understand that profits are higher relative to other industries, especially the higher profits of cooked food products. I have a simple example, we normally a frozen duck, no processing before the price is about 45 yuan per kilogram, when we made Tougu spicy duck, it’s worth double, often the price per kilogram between 16—20 yuan, removal loss, labor cost, storefront cost, profit per kilogram is definitely double, from which we can easily see that in traditional industries, food industry is staggering profits.

food industry practitioners are mainly small investors has just started, if you just started to make money goals in Li Jiacheng’s body, is certainly unrealistic, for a small investors, small entrepreneurs, open a brine Xian Deli annual profit in 3.4 million is not a dream. Therefore, we are ready to do this industry, there must be a certain degree of psychological thinking, do not set the goal too high, only to insist on doing so, in order to have a bright future.

How to manage

cooked food that is how to sell cooked food is very important, a good product is on the one hand, how to sell the product is more important for a food store, mainly to start from the three aspects of quality products, quality service, quality of health, business model. Do these points, I believe entrepreneurs not far from success.

believe that through the above introduction you have to open a deli can not make money, such a question has an answer. If you want to have a deli idea, and wanted to join in the form to start your business to get rich road, please in our website below the first message, let us know what you think, we will try our best to help you.

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