Open a clothing store to master the skills of window display

we know that a clothing store in order to business is booming, the display of this piece is more important, especially the display window. Clothing window display can best show a product effect, showing good attraction is big, the sales rate is high, so I want to increase sales, usher in more traffic, have installed window display essential skills.

clothing window display plays a big role, it is best to display new products, best-selling goods or goods, the main push of the security window, novelty, attention to the clothing goods collocation and update frequency…… Pay attention to the combination of sales season with the promotion of clothing store goods. General sales season is mainly placed at the beginning of the mid-range price of the promotion of clothing, in the season to promote high-end clothing prices, the end of the season is the best place to have more discount clothing. Clothing store in a group of models can not be the same with the same paragraph, it is best to 3-7 days with the change of 1-2 model clothing. No matter what kind of species, the use of more fit, and seasonal strong, the best color bright.

in the choice of clothing and clothing should pay attention to the weather to adapt, and adapt to the market environment, consumers are most in need of products. Such as Monday, Tuesday to display the classic style of goods based, pushing the clothing brand image, the weekend is the peak of the sales to the needs of the masses of the customer demand for clothing, clothing stores should be suitable for a wide range of goods. To allow customers to more clearly see the window display of clothing items.

show clothing collocation should pay attention to in the sense of hierarchy, focus on aesthetics, the most impressive thing. Ensure the visual aesthetic effect of customers, often need to check the clothing store health work, keep clean down any details, spider line, fuzzy glass and dirt will destroy the beauty, display props or other accessories to ensure clean utensil rack.


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