Your entrepreneurial opportunity is ripe for the ten prerequisites

current entrepreneurs too many to count however due to the lack of correct grasp, entrepreneurial opportunity, entrepreneurial dream eventually either become a fantasy, or business of the road is very bumpy after failed in the end, let a person regret. Below, the small series will share the ten prerequisites for mature business.

A, if you develop a set of profitable business model innovation? And also need a possible way to create profits and describe the connotation of customer demand, the core strategy, ability to integrate resources, value chain management model in the. < < < how to start

two, you have to help enterprises to obtain the necessary resources for the network capacity of


suggested that entrepreneurs are considering whether to leave before the start, can use these ten questions as to detect whether the time is ripe for reference of entrepreneurship. Many cases of entrepreneurial failure, because entrepreneurs rush in advance from the army, and the probability of success is so low, I am afraid not to do with the preparation before the venture. Although it is argued that entrepreneurship can learn in failure. However, if the failure is because they are not prepared, this failure will be very regrettable.

three, and if you dare to promise to be willing to take risks and willing to brave the hard-working? In public to the public commitment of entrepreneurs, his determination and action will not be questioned.

four, if you see a potential market opportunity? Must be a potential big enough, and can be implemented in the foreseeable future market opportunities, but also need to be able to roughly estimate time and resources needed to achieve market potential.

five, if you put forward a clear and feasible and can be combined with market opportunities for entrepreneurial idea innovation? This innovative concept must have a certain degree and can bring the market competitive advantage.

six, if you have a strong entrepreneurial ambition? Only a strong ambition to lasting action and perseverance perseverance, no strong ambition of the people I am afraid that it is not suitable for business, this entrepreneur must think twice.

seven, whether you have a capable of inspiring vision? This vision must be big and clear, in addition to their excitement, also can inspire others to follow you with entrepreneurial intention.

eight, if you have the experience and ability to develop a new business management


nine, if you have enough to lead the team ahead of the leadership and communication ability of


ten, if you have enough to judge the industry related technology and product development of the professional ability of


the above ten problems can generally be a test of your entrepreneurial opportunity is mature, but there are always exceptions. "

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