Sichuan in the first half of the sharp decline in the number of entrepreneurship training

in the society now, some college students are always of concern, at the same time, a major part of College Students’ entrepreneurial experience is the whole society, but recently in the latest statistics in Sichuan is less than in previous years, the number of students start.

2014 in the province’s 6182 college students entrepreneurship, and the first half of this year, the province has 5364 college students’ entrepreneurship, college students in our province is expanding the scale of business in July 14th, held in the province will promote the work of College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, provincial agency office informed of this good news, but behind the good news, but also hidden some worry: the first half of this year the number of entrepreneurship training less than last year, and 109 colleges and universities in the province there are 83 undeclared business subsidies, to intensify efforts to solve.

the first half of last year 30%

less than the number of entrepreneurship training

in response: a multi pronged, some schools are recruiting business mentor

"from the beginning of last year to now, 1 and a half years, a total of 4 times I had the impression of the school and the community sector to carry out joint training, each about 40 people." Cai Lecai, President of Yibin University, told reporters.

data show that the first half of this year, the province’s total of 15 thousand college students participated in entrepreneurship training, and in 2014, this number is 54 thousand. That is to say, in the first half of this year, the number of college students in the province to participate in entrepreneurship training less than 30% last year, if the speed of this year, the number of training can only account for last year, up to 60%.

why a few number of training? Human resources and Social Security Bureau deputy director Zhang Guangwei introduced, in addition to some colleges and universities and the location of the city (state), community sector coordination is not close enough, most universities lack the corresponding teaching force is the main reason. "We have 5000 students in one grade, and less than 30 teachers, including counselors, who can provide training." Shen Tao, vice president of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

83 colleges and universities have not yet declared business subsidies

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