Breakdown of the 5 failures of the administrator’s authority

as an experienced manager, he must be a person who knows how to tap the potential of others, rather than everything to be pro. Many new managers do not give full play to their potential, because they can not effectively delegate to subordinates, and they do not understand the significance of the assignment. Let’s look at a number of managers failed to effectively delegate the work of the five main reasons.

1. do not know how to develop others.

2. is not "delegation" but "rejection"".

English word delegate from the Latin word "delegare" means "deregulation". So literally, the "delegate" is to let you from a lot of responsibilities in the "relaxed" and sent them to others. But many managers seem to believe that simply delegate responsibility off to another person, wash their hands and walk away. This is a manager is the most technical content, it is like leaving a time bomb, sooner or later will certainly explode in front of their own.

3. did not explain from a global perspective.

if you went to business school, you probably learned "situational leadership theory". It means a >

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