What are the famous children’s furniture brands

beneficial to children, the children are good, parents are willing to, therefore, the children’s furniture market is becoming increasingly popular, becoming the new darling of the furniture industry in recent years, leading the furniture market! So, the famous domestic children’s furniture brands have?


Hellokitty is a brand of children’s furniture furniture designed for Hellokitty girls, crazy girls tailored the most high-end children’s furniture, lovely, fashion with fantastic color Hellokitty children’s furniture brands, has been chasing girls.

years of innocence

innocent years children’s furniture was founded in 2004, is the main brand of Foshan’s South China Sea gold Teamtop, specializing in the production of plate furniture, solid wood furniture. For the children to create a pure years…

dream time



pine Castle Kingdom

pine Castle Kingdom Children’s furniture is Shenzhen Luxembourg furniture company’s brand, founded in 2001. 2006 pine Castle Kingdom Children’s furniture officially landed in the domestic market. A few years of operation, so that consumers gradually form a "buy Matsuki’s children’s furniture, look for pine Fort kingdom" concept.

on the health of children is beneficial to children’s development is good, the parents love nature, the market naturally do not worry, do not have to worry about. Children’s furniture market is waiting for you to tap!


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