Local government to improve entrepreneurship measures to broaden the employment path

in order to encourage college students to start their own business, China has introduced a series of policies and measures, so that the relevant departments from all walks of life to strengthen entrepreneurship training, education, as well as providing multi-channel financial support and other aspects of support for college students employment.

the current local government policy has provisions from the popularity of entrepreneurship education, strengthening entrepreneurship training, business registration and bank account facilities, providing multi-channel financial support to provide premises to support entrepreneurship, strengthen the entrepreneurial public services in six aspects of comprehensive measures to provide support and services for college students. All levels of human and social sectors to make every entrepreneurial aspirations and training needs of college students have access to entrepreneurship training.

for college students lack of venture capital, the notice requires all localities to implement the policy of small loan guarantees, simplify anti guarantee procedures, focusing on attracting more students to start a new business. Encourage enterprises, industry associations, angel investors, etc. in a variety of ways to provide financial support for entrepreneurial students.

in addition, the local government also from exploring the effective way to promote entrepreneurship employment policies and measures to expand the field of network business extension, to provide policy support and service for registration shop for business students in the e-commerce network platform.

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