From 3 yuan to the extraordinary entrepreneurial experience 3 million four

opportunity is often inadvertently quietly, see your ability to have insight into the opportunities and seize the opportunity of courage, opportunities will come to every one’s head, but at any time, but not every opportunity so lucky.

but, unlike things did he imagine smoothly. Second months of cooperation, the company out of a car accident, the car turned over the loss of the goods do not say, the driver was injured and admitted to the hospital. The accident also Disasters pile up on one another., not properly handled, a driver in the car on the way, because of carelessness, and out of the accident. The other shoe to drop things not completely over the disadvantages of companies because of family management caused by the differences of opinion more let a person tired heart. By this time, Xu Dingguo realized his blind investment had rashly. Then, he decisively proposed withdrawal, and are willing to bear some losses. After all, fellow friends, mutual understanding, and finally say good scattered. But take 1 million 100 thousand yuan, only back up to the rest of the group, the friend agreed that the money is to give to the 300 thousand.

is out, but the investment mistakes bring his lesson is painful.

is at this time, due to the impact of SARS, and market demand of toxic agents around the machine product recovery, call in urgent need of a large number of machine. At this time he suddenly realized: his house near to seek to find

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