Baby shop shop model which

baby shop shop model which? For franchisees, this is a problem worth considering, because the headquarters will provide professional support policies to help franchisees do a good job in investment management. If you want to open a shop, then you can choose the mode of shop? Come and have a look.

in the competition is so fierce now, baby stores are generally open two roads to fire, or the first shop something special is complete, let others even have such experience is not necessarily you have such a place, you have such a place that you may not have the area, there are like you area without you people; there is a professional, one or two repeated consumption relatively strong series do very professional, fine do through, let professional advantage, eliminate the rivals.

1. if the business area of 120 square meters, then you might consider a one-stop shopping, but there are a few prerequisites: first, the baby products industry experts, or the area is larger, the more losses; two, purchase of not less than 100 thousand yuan; three, reserve funds of not less than 60 thousand yuan; four. The supply of smooth, timely replenishment, have the ability to sell products.

2. business area of 80-110 square meters, the purchase of funds in the 80 thousand yuan, the reserve funds of not more than 45 thousand yuan, if the store expansion can try a one-stop shopping this road. However, if you encounter a shortage of funds or tight funding situation, should immediately gather funds, the main core products.

3. business area of 50-80 square meters, purchase funds within 60 thousand yuan, reserve funds not more than 30 thousand yuan, the general on the 8 series of products are almost the same, more than no place, is not so much energy.

4. business area of 40-50 square meters, less than 40 thousand of the purchase funds, reserve funds of not more than 20 thousand, up to only suitable for making a series of baby products 5.

5. business area of 30 square meters, the purchase of funds in the amount of $20 thousand, no more than $10 thousand reserve funds, suitable for only a series of 3, no matter how good your location, do not want to run the whole product.

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