Fire phoenix intelligent appliances Home Furnishing join good project not to be missed

home appliances, in our lives, has been very popular choice. How about the fire phoenix Home Furnishing intelligent appliances? The quality of the project, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very wise choice.

Fire Phoenix intelligent appliances Home Furnishing join good project not to be missed. In 2012 2014 began a comprehensive development of intelligent products, intelligent home appliances Home Furnishing concern, in 2015 the total sales unpopular grew to 10 billion in the next five years; it is estimated Home Furnishing intelligent home appliance market will continue to maintain rapid growth in 2017 will reach 20 billion. Intelligent life, trend.

Fire Phoenix Home Furnishing smart appliances, smart fashion, profit double channel, successful security. The fire phoenix Home Furnishing intelligent appliances, a comprehensive shock struck. Store decoration support, marketing planning support, training management support, installation and maintenance support, logistics support, regional protection support.

: Home Furnishing ingenuity leisurely appliance using advanced science and technology, its ultimate, innovative experience.

fashion: personalized exterior design, fashion trends, cool feeling .

Intelligence: intelligent operation, simple and convenient, time-saving, labor-saving, peace of mind.

environmental protection: intelligent electricity, does not produce any harmful gases, low carbon environmental protection.

diversified products: intelligent security cameras, smart shoes, intelligent clothes racks, intelligent disinfection cabinet, intelligent water purifier, intelligent toilet and many other products, covering a range of home appliances in the life of the four seasons selling.

The new model

O2O: Fire Phoenix O2O innovative business model, online PC terminal and mobile phone terminal combination, can be purchased online, or online message headquarters under the guidance of the line store experience to buy.

join + agents: 50 thousand yuan to build a home appliance business model that is not home, small flexible investment, the use of the Internet, online business, profit anytime, anywhere!

we all know that good technology can create wealth. The choice of business intelligent home appliances Home Furnishing join the fire phoenix project, not only change our life, and join the fire phoenix Home Furnishing intelligent appliance project, is still very powerful choice!

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