What are the advantages of joining Sichuan Liao ribs

in a large number of Sichuan joined the project, Sichuan Liao ribs has always been recognized brand names. Many investors are asked to open Sichuan restaurant really can make money? Xiao Bian think investment in Sichuan must be able to store. So how about this brand? Look at the following small series for you to do specific introduction.

"Liao ribs" is a famous Sichuan brand! Since 1982 formally established and registered trademarks, after 31 years of sustained and stable operation, has developed into a large private food enterprises in the province. As a result of the growth of the company under the jurisdiction of the Liao ribs: Sichuan Liao ribs Food Management Co., Ltd., Sichuan Liao ribs Food Co., Ltd., Chengdu Liao ribs seasoning Food Co., Ltd. three institutions.

Liao ribs company adhere to the "quality of survival, brand development, management for efficiency, customer satisfaction for the purpose of" business principles; advocating "people-oriented" concept of modern management, the establishment of a "truth-seeking, dedication, innovation and high efficiency" of the modern management team.

Liao ribs join advantages:

a, assist in the evaluation of site selection

joined Liao ribs, Liao ribs headquarters will send professional marketing manager, assist franchisees to inspect the provided site investigation on the circle, buildings, customers, evaluate the shop turnover forecast possibility, investment estimation, and operating profit and loss estimation for franchisee location reference.

two, personal guidance stagnation support

pre opening, headquarters will be joined with someone, to guide the business details, such as providing preparatory plan, including staff recruitment, pricing, purchase, equipment and appliances, raw material supply channel establishment, operation planning and management system established during the opening and so on.

three, technical training operations management

shop, 2-3 stores send officers to Chengdu Liao ribs store free training (free accommodation provided by the company), send personnel training qualified after graduation certificate. At the same time, in the shop, the headquarters will continue to free of charge on the various levels of staff management and technical training.

four, the classic uniform decoration generous

to ensure the Liao ribs stores unified store image and store style, allow the franchisee to spend the least money to do more things, provide by the complete solution of Liao ribs decoration company, shop equipment, facilities layout, for the franchisee to use free of charge.

five, new research and development free promotion


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