Vinegar ten brands list the whole

vinegar can not only taste, but also has the effect of beauty, is a lot of people are very fond of a cooking condiment, but also has a very long history in our country, the industry’s brand is very much. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of vinegar, so that you can have a better understanding of China’s vinegar, and then choose the right consumer brands.

vinegar ten brands list NO.1, water tower:

Limited by Share Ltd is located in the "Tower of Shanxi laochencu China laochencu capital" — Qingxu County, is the national eight ministries identified as the first batch of national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, is currently a large Shanxi aged vinegar production base.

vinegar ten brands list NO.2, East Lake:

Shanxi aged vinegar Group Co. Ltd. was founded in 1368 from the "beauty and home" square, is the original Shanxi aged vinegar. "East Lake", "beauty and home vinegar is representative of the company brand, it’s known as" the first Chinese vinegar ", has been designated as the national athletes of National Sports Bureau Training Bureau as the sole representative of the Shanxi special vinegar, vinegar and vinegar China Valley debut in Shanghai World Expo.

vinegar ten brands list NO.3, handsome:

founder Chinese Zhenjiang Hengshun vinegar, and representative, was founded in 1840, is now the Jiangsu Hengshun Group Co. Ltd. is Chinese condiment industry’s first listed company. The main production series of seasoning vinegar, vinegar, soy sauce, pickles and wine and nearly 200 varieties, sold Chinese and 43 countries in the world. At present, has not Chinese Hengshun listed as a national intangible cultural heritage, it is the Great Hall of the people China party supplies.

NO.4 list of ten brands of vinegar, Bao Ning:

Sichuan Langzhong Baoning vinegar is a traditional product of China, as one of the "four famous vinegar", was founded in the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, has a history of 400 years. Because produced in Langzhong (called boryeong), so called "vinegar". Vinegar to rice, corn and bran as raw material, high quality spring, coptis root, Amomum villosum, cardamom Eucommia 70 finish Chinese medicine from Guanyin temple, white sweet koji boiling without sinking the Tang Dynasty of ancient "Song Hua Jing" (the ancient name of Guanyin, brewing water). "Eat vinegar, vinegar; vinegar fragrance, green and healthy."

vinegar ten brands list NO.5, Jane class:

Shijiazhuang xinyanchun Refco Group Ltd, formerly known as Shijiazhuang xinyanchun factory was founded in 1956. Hebei province is the largest condiment production enterprises, one of China’s eight condiment group, China >

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