Fuzhou cross border electricity industry from the buy the world to sell the world the

the advent of economic globalization, so many entrepreneurs are not satisfied with the domestic market, many businesses want to sell their goods overseas! This is not the end of the Christmas shopping season, the global trading Fuzhou busy again. On the one hand, 24 Fuzhou free trade zone will be added to a cross-border theme mall. On the other side, 17 enterprises in Fuzhou the goods are shipped across the sea dragon net is arranged in Canada and other countries overseas exhibition hall, open trial trip, for domestic enterprises to earn enough money!

in the national Fuzhou FTA test area and cross-border e-commerce pilot bonded import city "Shuangpai behind, a key to activate the cross-border electricity supplier industry, from the" buy the world "to" sell global two-way gallop.

data show that bonded imports to November 2016, the city completed sales of about 249 thousand and 700 tickets, sales of about $85 million 410 thousand. The export side, only a ~10 month in January this year, Ali has achieved 12 billion 539 million yuan exports, boosting the city’s foreign trade export growth of 12 percentage points.

, we introduced the local people to operate, to create a pure exotic style, you can buy to eat can play, and strive to refresh the shopping experience." Shopping mall is about to open aoemall investment operations manager Chen Zhendong said. These days, the goods have arrived in Fuzhou, ready to shelves. Preliminary statistics, Fuzhou free trade zone has been introduced in the more than and 300 large and large cross-border business platform and business operators. The theme of the existing cross-border shopping mall, the mall Hester Chi Trade City, Lijia International Trade City and a number of. In addition, the Fuzhou free trade area is also close attention to promote Fujian Chenghua and Ebay Silk Road Project landing cross-border electricity supplier.

driven by the offline experience online sales, a parcel loaded with imported goods from the FTA to the country. At the same time, more manufacturing in Fuzhou is also taking the electricity supplier platform, across the door to sell overseas.

trend, the scale of cross-border electricity supplier exports worth looking forward to." Municipal Bureau of Commerce electricity supplier director Wang Yaofei introduction. After Ali, one of Qualcomm, the national Ministry of Commerce cross-border pilot top four enterprises in Chongqing dragon is preparing to settle down, early in Fuzhou and 34 brands signed a trial. Yu Zhichao, the city manager of the company, said: "now the small and medium-sized distributors in foreign countries are eager to face the Chinese brands directly, and the market space is very large." Local businesses RDT is also brewing in the cross-border electricity supplier export business.

access between, the former cross-border logistics bottlenecks are cracking one by one. Relying on the port, Jiangyin port is creating an import and export commodity logistics distribution base. Stand at the Customs within the fence along the coast, visible Lijia International Logistics Park show scale. Project outreach staff Li Wei said: logistics park construction area of about 570 thousand square meters has been completed in the area of 80 thousand square meters, the introduction of the 4 objects

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