669 old residential areas with a housekeeper

To achieve the full coverage of the old residential area of property this year, the municipal Party committee and government to further improve the living environment of the masses, improve the quality of life, strengthen the city’s comprehensive management of an important measure of refinement. Launched in July this year since the implementation of the old residential property covered up to now, the city’s 669, 4 million 920 thousand square meters of old residential areas have been included in the property management, those in urban areas had no management of the courtyard finally have a housekeeper".Before

the old district mostly built in the late 90s, due to the original subordinate units or enterprises no longer exist, resulting in no management, community widespread road damage, street lights are not bright, public construction standards are not high, the property company is not willing to enter, the residents living conditions. Full coverage in the implementation of the old residential property in the process of the District, led by the government and community as a unit, reasonable integration, division of one or more of the property service area, according to the actual situation of the region’s housing size, environment, facilities and capacity of residents, service demand and consumer willingness, according to local conditions, a a policy implementation of different modes of property services. As of now, the city’s old residential property service mode is determined, the initial establishment of service mechanism, lack of service to solve the basic problems of the "service subject, garbage removal, order maintenance, routine maintenance" four goals, living environment and quality of the old residential area residents to further improve and enhance the implementation of the property. Full coverage of the service, one of the old district have occurred changes in turn the world upside down.


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