Adjust the basic pension for retirees

– January 2016, the adjustment of the enterprises and institutions of basic old-age pensions for retirees – institutions of retirees and enterprises for the first time synchronous adjustment treatment – before the end of September full payment in place of

9 13, the reporter learned from the provincial government held a news conference, from January 1, 2016 onwards, the province’s enterprises and institutions and institutions to improve the basic pension pension adjustment.

this adjustment is mainly to take the quota adjustment, hook adjustment and appropriate tilt combined approach, while taking into account the adjustment of difficult factors. State approved the province’s enterprises and institutions retirees average weighted average monthly pension increase of 246 yuan per person, the adjusted rate of 6.6%. Among them: enterprise retirees increased by 215 yuan per month, an adjustment of the rate of $7.1% per month per month increase in government institutions retirees increased by $340, adjusted for the rate of 5.9%.

according to the provincial human resources and Social Security Bureau deputy director Su Quanren introduction, this adjustment since 2005, our province enterprise retirees twelfth times of continuous adjustment, since institutions is the implementation of the reform of the endowment insurance system for the first time in accordance with the adjustment of the basic pension adjustment measures for treatment, but also enterprises and institutions retirees first synchronous adjustment treatment. This adjustment is in the downtown pressure on the economy continue to increase, the macroeconomic situation is more complicated in the environment, to the province’s retirement in a practical personnel office, fully reflects the provincial government to implement the spirit of the the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the State Council’s decision to deploy, to build the ruling ideas of our province to improve people’s livelihood upgrade, is the provincial government to implement the twelve five National People’s Congress spirit, to fulfill the government run ten important people’s livelihood solemn commitment. After adjustment, the province level of basic pensions of retirees in the northwest and the country to continue to maintain the leading position.

adjust time: the adjustment of retirees basic pension from January 1, 2016 onwards.

– the adjustment range: in our province enterprise basic pension insurance, basic pension insurance institutions, before December 31, 2015 have been required for retirement (post) procedures and receive a monthly basic pension retirement (post) staff, and in accordance with the green, 2003 No. 133, green community hall hair 2010 No. 191 the file specified in the basic old-age insurance business scope and monthly basic pension personnel (hereinafter referred to as the "retired").

adjustment method: 1 fixed adjustment. Enterprises and institutions retirees increased by 30 yuan per person per month. Considering the harsh natural conditions and other factors in our province, the annual increase of 30 yuan per person per month for enterprise retirees.

2. hook adjustment. First, with the payment period linked. Period of payment of retirees (including the deemed payment period, excluding the translation service, the same below) of 15 years and below, and in accordance with the Green Office 2003 Document No. 133, the youth club hall 2010 issued document No. 191 provisions in the enterprise basic pension insurance coverage and enjoy quota;

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