July 29th 22 when the storm hit Xining electric power staff emergency repair

In July 29th 22, a heavy thunderstorm in Xining city for the 8 power line affected to varying degrees. Since the moment of emergency power supply, Xining power supply company more than a team of emergency repair team to join the repair scene, until the next day at four a.m..

in the city is located in Xining City Yinlong hotel of the underground opening and closing, power repair team standing knee deep in water, has been continuous operation for several hours. Night 11 pm, the hotel underground 10 thousand volt switchstation flooded, in order not to affect the normal operation of the hotel customer with electricity and hotel, Xining power company launched an emergency flood emergency plan, more than 60 professional repair team organized a set of power distribution cables, substation operation and maintenance, maintenance and test five in one of the tertiary industry, and the mobilization of 2 sets of 500 kilowatts, 1 sets of 80 kilowatts of emergency power vehicles, after overnight repairs in the morning four recovery of temporary power supply in hotel. Due to a large number of power facilities are wet water, emergency repair personnel emergency power supply plan, the deployment of repair work, through the installation of cable distribution box, a preliminary solution to the hotel’s electricity.It is reported that

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