Hongkong star football team Xining friendly start today

time: 17 place: West Ninghai Lake Sports Center

17 today, Alan Tam, Siu Chung Mok, was Natalis Chan, Felix Wong, Law Ka Ying, Cheung Kwok Keung and other 41 star Hongkong star football team, with the provincial capital "Xining cool people football team in the West Ninghai Lake Sports Center budweiser. At 17:30 on September 2nd, Hongkong star arrived at Cao Jiabao airport. Qinghai Model Association of Miss etiquette, for all the stars presented a white hada and Qinghai hat. Two special gifts, close the distance between the Hongkong star and Qinghai people, they felt the first time the enthusiasm of the people of Qinghai. When the scene a lot of people recognize these stars, proposed to take pictures with them, the stars are pleased to agree.


star team, the oldest Law Ka Ying is 67 years old, although in 2005 to Qinghai, but he and all the players, this time are still looking forward to the friendly, willing to contribute to public welfare. In the lineup, not only Alan Tam, Siu Chung Mok, Felix Wong, Natalis Chan and other chiefs level character, but also the cause of the very influential young artist. There will also be a famous TV star Sydney, Ma Hailun, Yu Yu 3 female stars to help out.

this morning, the star of the team went to visit some of the province’s tourist attractions. 15:30, the stars will approach to adapt to the venue, and with the province to carry out pre game warm-up caddie. Friendly, the site will carry out Guozhuang dance performances and Trinidad riding love ceremony and other activities. 17, the Hongkong star football team Xining friendship officially started, the two teams will be in the West Ninghai Lake Sports Center on the pitch. (author: Yao Lan)

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