North District the State Administration of Taxation to focus on solving outstanding problems to dee

recently, to thoroughly implement the provincial and municipal Party committee, municipal government about to carry out a comprehensive style of construction activities, to further enhance the work of cadres and workers sense of responsibility and dedication, initiative and discipline to strengthen the work, effectively solve the ideological cadres for some prominent problems existing in the construction of the wind, the North District National Taxation the bureau held a deepening style building, strengthen the organization and discipline of the conference.

with the style of construction activities carried out, do a good job in the District Bureau of revenue organization at the same time, vigorously promote and implement the general secretary Hu Jintao put forward in the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the seven plenary session of the eight aspects of the good atmosphere, combined with the IRS on improving the political quality of cadres, to solve the "four phenomena" and "four the coexistence of" and "Five" activities, changing work style, innovative ideas, improve the work system, the work has achieved good results, District Bureau of cadres and workers of the ideological awareness has been greatly improved, has finished the work in the first half.

, the North District National Taxation Bureau made a profound analysis to the style of construction activities, seriously find the crux of the problem, it tries to solve the proposed requirements: one is to further establish good morality, strengthen immunity thought. Two is a serious, solid and comprehensive development of the petition work. Three is the strict discipline, to ensure the realization of discipline to follow, must be strict discipline, discipline must be correct. At the same time, to continue to carry out a very fruitful style construction under the stage, with the first stage style construction achievements, demand overall situation in the style of construction earnestly, enhance learning, strengthen the organization and discipline, to persevere from first to last; grasp the work style of cadres activities. (author: Zhang Xiaoxin)


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