Qinghai battery grade lithium carbonate market demand in short supply

Due to the rapid development of new energy automotive industry, and then led the battery grade lithium carbonate prices soared. The first two months of this year, as the sole province of a high quality battery grade lithium carbonate production enterprises — lithium battery grade West Mine Group Qinghai lithium industry limited production demand, from January to February this year, profits more than 130 million yuan, a business development history.

it is understood that, from 2011 to 2015 Chinese lithium industry maintained a growth rate of over 20% per year, battery grade lithium carbonate price of about 40 thousand yuan per ton to 50 thousand yuan. In 2015, the new energy automotive industry rapid development, demand transfer to lithium-ion batteries, cathode materials of lithium carbonate until. At the same time, lithium carbonate supply due to the characteristics of the industry, project construction and commissioning of production cycle is long, the expansion of production capacity to keep up with the rapid growth of demand, resulting in lithium carbonate has continued to increase prices in October 2015 rose to 150 thousand yuan per ton.

Qinghai has 2/3 of the country’s lithium reserves, is worthy of the province of lithium resources. Last year, Qinghai Lithium Industry Co. Ltd through many years of scientific research, a breakthrough solution to a high ratio of magnesium to lithium lithium Saline Lake which is a worldwide difficult problem, the battery grade lithium carbonate in Saline Lake brine directly by the high quality, this is our province high magnesium lithium ratio scale production of Saline Lake resources laid the foundation. At present, Qinghai Lithium Industry Co Ltd has achieved from 3000 tons to 10000 tons of lithium carbonate production equipment supporting device upgrade and expansion, and to achieve the production targets, a line of product quality reach the standard of battery grade lithium carbonate, effectively improve the past battery grade lithium carbonate in China are mostly dependent on imports.

, according to industry estimates, the next few years, the lithium industry will usher in a way forward, the performance of the rapid growth of the golden period of development. In this regard, the general manager of Qinghai Lithium Industry Co., Ma said that the development of lithium industry is highly dependent on the resources and technical support, break through the key technology of battery grade lithium carbonate industry, Qinghai will effectively combine the resource advantages and technical advantages, provide a guarantee for the lithium industry base to build one hundred billion yuan. At the same time, Saline Lake brine directly by the battery grade lithium carbonate production process to achieve the "three wastes" zero emissions, has the characteristics of advanced process, high degree of automation, high product quality, low cost and clean production, the key core technology has reached the international advanced level, the quality of products by customers, obvious comparative advantage.

It is reported that

, Qinghai lithium industry limited company will rely on the construction of Qinghai Dongtai Saline Lake taijnar lithium potassium boron mineral resources development and Utilization Engineering Research Center "in the future, closely cooperate with the relevant units to build Saline Lake of Qinghai chemical industry – research and development platform, the application and innovation of Science and technology and production enterprises firmly together, to further improve the enterprise competition advantage.


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