For the first time in Datong County criterium race around the lake

In July 7th, thirteenth Lake Race second stage of the competition in Datong people, both happy and excited. This is for the first time in Datong County of Lake Race criterium. Early in the morning, the Datong County showed the exciting scene, the city crowded, deafening gongs and drums, dancing Yangko dance.

on the morning of 7, on both sides of the street outside the line, the bridge on both sides of the river, the race team will pass by the houses on the roof, the office building outside the stairs, climbing ladder classic mountain scenic area was full of spectators to the masses, the elderly and children in front, behind the young and middle-aged people. We are waiting for, waiting for the speed in the classic mountain performance, waiting for the team to quickly rushed past us roar gas burst of passion.

"this is the game for the first time in the stage of end point is around the race for the first time in the chase, chase was the only criterium, we chase people excited about." Adrian people told reporters, every year from Datong Lake Race just passing by, this year to chase, chase and still cruising, this is Datong people’s blessing.

racing team into the chase County, the three leading group took the lead with the Datong people to meet, when the driver quickly ride through, the people on both sides of the track shouting: refueling, refueling!" Then a large group to chase, a large group of spectators lit the arrival of the masses, the masses of the voice yelled loudly. Too shocked, proud of the race around the lake, the lake race to chase excitement." "Athletes speed up the enthusiasm of the chase, the game is wonderful." A lot of people you say a word I said: I hope next year, the lake race to chase, but also to the master under the mountain." After the game, classic mountain scenic area under the mountain again sounded the deafening gongs and drums, the podium tightly enclosed Datong people of all nationalities, first at home to witness the championship moment.

reporter saw, in addition to the enthusiasm of the masses, chase county government also made adequate preparations for the tournament, although the entire county in all competitions sections have a huge number of people watching, but without any accidents and accidents, whether it is to maintain the order of the police or the maintenance of road traffic police, are staying in their jobs.

after the end of the game, many athletes expressed gratitude for the enthusiasm of the chase. They say, "thank you for the people, give us cheer and cheer."


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