Our three production accounted for the proportion of GDP over the first stage

The city has formed a set of storage, transportation and distribution as one of the logistics system, and gradually optimize the commercial layout pattern has been formed multi-level business center, 28 new Qinghai equity trading center listed companies and 1 new board listed companies…… The reporter learned from the municipal development and Reform Commission, the city actively take policy guidance, increase investment, cluster development and other measures, the city’s service industry shows new situation, to enhance the level of the total increase, and the advantages of expanding space optimization.

according to the city’s service industry running situation analysis, in 2015, the city’s third industry (service industry) the added value of 55 billion 70 million yuan, an increase of 9%; the proportion of GDP accounted for 48.7%, accounting for more than the first stage; investment in fixed assets 65 billion 310 million yuan, accounting for 50.4% of the total investment in fixed assets, the investment in the service sector accounted for more than industry.

nine in the rapid development of the service industry, the development of transportation and warehousing logistics industry outstanding, to declare a national "green transportation city" pilot city to carry out the national transit city to create work, the completion of the new (modified) to build 30 bus bays, optimizing bus lines 23, the city has formed a set of warehousing, transportation and distribution as one of the logistics system; the degree of openness of commercial circulation market continues to increase, multi-level business center pattern has been formed, in 2015, the realization of social consumer goods retail sales totaled 46 billion 190 million yuan, an increase of 11.6%; wholesale and retail industry added value of 9 billion 990 million yuan, the retail sales of 47 billion 50 million yuan, achieved sales 112 billion 30 million yuan wholesale; accommodation and catering industry added value of 1 billion 120 million yuan, an increase of 6.2%; the overall financial industry to maintain rapid development state The potential, the added value of 12 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 19.5%; the real estate industry has gradually warmed stabilised, 2015 commercial housing sales area of 3 million 119 thousand square meters, an increase of 2%; tourism service facilities is improving, and constantly improve the tourist reception capacity, tourism market continues to heat up, in 2015, total tourism income of 15 billion 650 million yuan, an increase of 23.4%; information the consumption and the rapid development of e-commerce, "broadband Xining · smart city started," Tianyi bus card "the formal implementation of the new format Internet plus" service industry to accelerate the development of e-commerce transaction volume grew 17.5%; the exhibition has gradually formed the exhibition, exhibition planning, building decoration, exhibition atmosphere service system by the exhibition enterprise group.

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