Happy holiday

at three in the afternoon, the weather was sunny, and the warm sun dispelled the cold days before. Central Plaza, the crowd bustling, and some three big hands holding a small hand, and a few friends laugh, stroll in the lively square.

this year, the central square decorated with two sets of large lanterns. Although it is daytime, the lamp has not been lit, but still attracted many people to take pictures. The square is in the middle of a red giant basket, watermelon, pineapple, apple…… Just like colorful life. And on the east side of the square, a group of monkey lights so many children compete for parents to take their own photos. Ten little monkeys of different shapes, naive, lovely.

square on the cultural and recreational activities as colorful as the lantern. In the northeast corner, a group of "skateboard kid" gexianshenshou, acceleration, jump and jump, flexible action is full of youthful vitality.

‘s 23 year old Song Fupeng is one of the most slippery people. Usually, he opened his own shop in the work, the new year can be fun for a few days. He said cheerfully: "this is nothing to pay attention to, for a happy. Skateboarding has 6 basic actions, learn to be free to play after the combination, jumping, or inverted, can be."

if the slide is young, then jump pot village dance regardless of age, liked by everyone. The sound of beautiful music, the crowd into a circle, enjoy the dance.

"Guozhuang dance man with unrestrained, woman to tender based. There are many advantages of dancing, both physical exercise and cheerful mood." In the middle of the crowd, guarding the speaker Wang Weiqi said. Lao Wang’s home in Xining, spent more than 1200 yuan to buy a speaker after retirement, the obligation to provide people like to dance. He said, anyway, there is nothing at home, the children do not have to worry about, come out to do something for you. See everyone happy, he is happy.

Song Xiaozhong is a relatively large population, 70 years old this year. The Chinese new year this year, four children are back, the whole family have a joyous gathering, especially happy song. Afternoon, the weather is good song accompanied by his son, out of dance, music ah.

some people like to move, some people love static. Square corner of the 24 hour self-help library, from time to time to borrow books. The 25 year old bell Yueling borrowed the story book, intend to take a holiday to see. Usually too busy, no time to read, this time I would like to look at the United States and the United States a few days."

In addition,

skateboard jump, there are people Guozhuang reading, skating, dance…… New year’s Square, is a happy world, filled with people’s laughter, telling the happiness today.


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