Xining characteristics of food by foreign businessmen optimistic

recently, the fourteenth session of the China international food and Beverage Exhibition held in Shanghai, more than 2 thousand and 100 foreign enterprises in more than and 90 countries and regions participating, nearly 50 thousand Chinese and foreign merchants to purchase, negotiation and investment in our city, the unique local characteristics of highland barley wine, seabuckthorn wine, cordyceps wine, wolfberry, oats, dried beef and other products by foreign customers.

it is understood that the city’s business sector organizations 18 companies, the 7 major categories of food and beverage participants of the 54 exhibitors. In order to promote Xining, to broaden the food market, the city built a booth in Xining, focusing on the display of highland barley wine, sea buckthorn wine, cordyceps wine, wolfberry, oats, beef jerky and other products.

during the exhibition, the city enterprises make full use of this platform to show the characteristics of food products, looking for business opportunities, develop domestic and international market, with France, South Korea, Turkey, Shanghai, Hunan, Inner Mongolia and other domestic and foreign merchants to negotiate, the new Food limited liability company and Lukang French buyers reached 1 million 500 thousand yuan of barley supply agreement. Qinghai Huangshui water trade limited company reached an agreement to supply 900 thousand yuan Cordyceps and domestic buyers, Qinghai red wolfberry science and technology limited company reached 200 thousand yuan, Chinese wolfberry honey supply agreement with domestic buyers, 10 thousand native products reached a supply agreement with the Kyrgyzstan dollar. (author: Fang Xu)

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