Electricity supplier into the village of Shandong opened a new chapter in women’s Entrepreneurship

electricity supplier era is the era of female entrepreneurs, the use of e-commerce to make up for the shortage of female entrepreneurs and short board. In rural areas, women through electricity providers to achieve a home business, family income so that they tasted the fun and sweetness of entrepreneurship.

according to the Shandong radio and television news center "Shandong news network" reported, Zhou Aihua is Heze Caoxian Taobao Zhen Da Ji Zhen Ding Lou village level director, her another identity is the general manager of a costume company, already has 8 shop, 46 processing, annual sales of more than 8 million yuan. In 2009, 37 year old Zhou Aihua from the unit because of layoffs, life was once caught in a predicament. In the helpless, I heard the Heze Municipal Women’s Federation for women’s organizations business skills training, Zhou Aihua signed up without demur. With the help of the teacher, Zhou Aihua not only their own shop business better and better, but also led more than 300 farmers around the success of entrepreneurship.

"Internet plus" enabling effect not only changed the life of Zhou Aihua and her sisters, also let Laoshan Mountain area in front of a taste of his own happiness entrepreneurship, small farmers through the Qingdao women’s Federation to support the establishment of Gu business platform, to put their own vegetables and loose chickens sold in the country.

to tell a reporter, now the platform continues to expand the scale of a year this income is sixty thousand yuan.

this year, the Shandong provincial women’s Federation organized women to participate in entrepreneurship as an important measure to promote women’s entrepreneurship, home for policy, coordination of resources, strengthen service, vigorously implement the "women’s business operations", "promoting entrepreneurship + modern agriculture", "electricity business + handicraft industry", "entrepreneurship + family service" women’s business development pattern, female entrepreneurs have become an important force driving economic transformation and development, make contributions, they gain wealth at the same time, also realize the family harmony and well-being.

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