Do the successful underwear franchisee must choose the brand

joined the market bursting with popularity, underwear market is booming, want to earn wealth to open a fashion underwear store, brand first choice must not be careless, crucial to find a suitable joining brand.

A, not free to choose the brand must choose standard

select the brand as a wife, and you must have. The product is your source of income, must be cautious.

First look at the strength of

. Business brand, to benefit from the possibility of relatively large, the risk is relatively small; but the threshold is relatively high, the supply of high discount, return policy is harsh, you need to have strong financial strength. If you do not have enough strength to gain equal rights, you will be at a disadvantage.

finally see the local market. You should pay attention to the brand’s product characteristics are in line with your region, the consumer’s physical characteristics and preferences, etc.. Many brands of products sold in the south, in the north market will not necessarily have an advantage, the north and south of China female body size is very different.

two, the operation can not rely on their own to carry out scientific planning

brand ownership is the manufacturers, agents have the regional management right. You mustn’t put anything on the manufacturer. Underwear industry as a whole is a backward industry, many manufacturers do not necessarily go to the professional brand. So, more often, you have to rely on their own.

if you just started, you should concentrate all energy to do a brand, do not bite off more than you can chew; if you already have a certain strength, can operate multiple brands. You’d better not run the same brand style, try to choose a different brand positioning, some brand bra corset is known, some strengths, some trousers are very reputation, you have an effective combination of brand based on their characteristics. You also want to consider the different business priorities in the light season. Multi brand strategy can make you recommend

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