Operating import snacks store lock business objectives is very important

although the operation of the product is very good, the service is also very high quality, but because of the uncertainty of the target customers, resulting in the store business can not develop. So, want to open a shop, determine the target customer is very important. Imported snacks, this bold idea to make high-end snack friends to another extreme. High cost of imported snacks, single product price is high, but the profit is very large. In the import snack shop, a lot of friends who want to taste exotic snacks can also accept the price of imported snacks, you can easily buy imported snacks.

The import of

in several snack shop to see the snack shop take a more comprehensive attack route, operating hundreds of varieties, including chocolate, candy, candied fruit, people see dazzling. Business and snack are delicious, good fun. Some slightly higher prices of candies or cookies, with exquisite shapes and small jar is installed, key shaped, the shape of an elephant, Sunny Doll shaped candy jar after eating, can also be used as a piggy bank, some put into money when there will be music. In addition, there are some more exotic varieties, such as the shape of a packet of chocolate, a collection of cola, etc..

candy store a superb collection of beautiful things are not cheap: bulk lollipops are generally 2~3 yuan / stars started, than the supermarket have cost more than 0.5 yuan; canned biscuits and sweets are generally tens of dollars a jar; there is a bulk fruit price up to 140 yuan / kg.

observed that most of the women who went into the store had the most young women, followed by children accompanied by their parents. A woman took out 50 yuan, bought a bunch of bright colors, adorable rainbow sugar, cotton candy, chocolate, she said: "I love to eat snacks, see these lovely shape, will not suppress the impulse to buy."

, a young man who buys imported chocolate, says he doesn’t eat snacks at all, and he buys chocolate for his girlfriend.

according to the clerk, imported snacks are mostly from the United States, Japan, Korea and other places. In order to meet the needs of different customers, the store also operates domestic candy.


to open a shop like this, want to make the business of the shop is more popular, you need the positioning of the consumer for children and young women, at the same time, a characteristic also need to clear the snacks. In general, American and Japanese goods beverage is the most "hot"; biscuits, candy and chocolate, is favored by the Japanese and Korean goods; Southeast Asia is the main "native" brand, with coffee, tea or other local snacks.

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