How to do thousands of monthly income to buy a car and buy a house

some people complain about their own income, treatment is low, earn less money, but some people will be very good financial management, can be more than a few thousand dollars a month income. Mr. Li, 25 years old, single, is a construction engineer, a monthly income of 4000~5000 yuan, there are five social insurance and one housing fund, the monthly consumption of 1000 yuan. Existing assets of 5000 yuan in cash, deposits of $30 thousand.

: the goal of financial management

financial advice

liquidity for

security plan

Car Buying plan

The lack of investment experience

for venture capital

except the above plan, Mr. Li monthly balance of more than 2000, the balance may be ready for business. As a young man, Mr. Li has a strong learning ability, and it is suggested that Mr. Lee should invest in stocks. In the initial stage of investment, put a small amount of money, accumulate investment experience. Mr. Lee’s lack of experience in the selection of blue chip stocks, "

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