How to build a supermarket

the same product, the store can buy, the store can also buy, if the shop itself has no characteristics, but also how to attract customers? Faced with the intense retail today, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the customer’s requirements are also getting higher and higher. In the face of these stringent requirements, retailers must play their own characteristics, the use of this feature to attract the attention of customers, and then for their retail power injection. Therefore, the unique ability to attract customers.

so, how do we build our own characteristics? First of all, the display of their goods is the best way to attract the attention of customers, it should create a distinctive. With the characteristics, the customer can like. For example, our supermarket used the method of exposure to light, because I spend to buy some different colors of light, with the light, suddenly let my supermarket from the outside, beautiful decoration, the room is particularly beautiful, like a palace.

this approach, so that my supermarket has become a beautiful landscape at night, attracted a group of customers. And in the specific display, I will fight a different number of cigarettes, different numbers and words, greatly attracted customers. After the customer will stop to see, my display let them echocardiography, so the desire to buy will be promoted. In short, the characteristics of the display must be built out, with the characteristics of customers do not worry about not coming.

warm service is also a feature. In other areas are similar circumstances, which supermarket service enthusiasm, then customers will go to the supermarket. I have my own way of serving customers. The customer is God, we need to respect, so that customers really find the feeling of God here, then we won.

, for example, when they come, I will warmly greeted, from time to time to give the customer a zero, if customers buy more things, then we can give her door-to-door or directly to her home. The supermarket and convenience services, has the inflator and umbrella and other equipment, can use free of charge for customers. The service must be sincere, and customers must not resort to deceit, these practices I received an unexpected effect. Customers say they found the warmth of my home.

special offer every day to my supermarket has a good reputation. In order to attract customers, we have played a special offer every supermarket goods, each kind of special offer goods are able to attract some customers, some customers to special offer goods, but after he bought a special offer goods, will be appropriate to buy some other goods, this is the joint sales. Because every day there are special offer goods, so every day, customers come here. My supermarket is full, and my income will naturally increase.

one customer said: "your supermarket is cheaper than other stores."

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