Summer’s five most profitable venture

summer, the scorching heat, even on weekends, few people go shopping, the day of the sun, let people feel miserable. However, the night market is very popular, more and more people shopping. This is the flow of business opportunities, how to make good use of this feature is the key to getting rich.

summer, unbearably hot, ice house offers a cool. Rent a small shop, to buy an air conditioner and an ice making machine, add a few tables and chairs, so you can open an ice house. When tired of the people, see the door of the house of the big "ice" word, can not help but go to > go inside. High power air conditioning "hissing" from air conditioning, the waiter a dish of ice, with cream and fruit, eat a good to hear or see, riotous with colour, mouth full of fluid, cheek teeth, heart happy as can be imagined.

two entrepreneurial projects: summer goods store

three entrepreneurial projects: inflatable swimming pool

four entrepreneurial projects: Cool Point delicacy store