Why do you do not make money micro business

derivative of two words, the countless people are familiar with, it has almost penetrated into every corner of our life, people in this industry have made a great deal of money, the same people suffered heavy losses in the industry. In short, the Internet is currently the most talked about topic, that is micro business! Whether it is the PC side, or the mobile network, micro providers can be seen everywhere. SEO training service providers spread like a virus spread through the Internet in various fields.

can say, where there are people, where there are micro business. However, most of the micro operators are not making money. If you are a micro business, if you earn money, you do not need to look down, I think I can not help you. If you are a micro business, if you do not make money, I suggest you still look down, so you know why the same micro business, why you can not earn money.

first, the product is not good

micro business, only a generation of businessmen. The merchant is in sellers, similarly, also in micro business sellers. Sellers, not to say that you are good, I will buy your product, the product useless for me is not to buy. Therefore, one of the main reasons for micro business is the product is not good. Product is not good, sometimes also refers to your product is good, I do not need. For example, you sell the mask, I never do mask, mask you better I will not buy.

product is not good, it is not to say that the quality of the product is not good, but the demand is not high. For example, I can buy a pair of shoes can wear a few months, or even one or two years, I can only buy a pair of you, a few years later, I do not know who you are. Also, some products we do not need, you no matter how good is no one to buy.

so, we must choose the quality of the product is good, high demand. Why the mask can be so fire, because the mask with three meals a day, as essential. Some people do mask every day, do not do not feel comfortable on the mask, would rather not have to eat rice mask. Because a man lives a face, a good face is better than a meal.

everyone in the choice of products, we must think of this product in the end how many people will buy, how many people need, not what others sell, what you sell, nor see products can earn much money what you sell. A product to sell a can earn one thousand dollars, and sometimes it is better to sell a product to earn a few dollars. Therefore, product selection is the first step in micro business, we must grasp.

second, sales mode error

Why is

derivative, of course, is to sell, however a lot of people do not think so, he believes that micro business is to make money, as long as they can earn money, goods can not be sold without distinction. Just as some micro business, everywhere recruit agents, boast of their own products are good, in January to earn tens of thousands

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