When is the time for joint sales

now the owners are aware of the importance of joint sales, but also want to do the business, however, in the end when it is a good time for joint sales, many people do not know. When the traffic is no longer increased or even decreased, how to improve sales? How to improve customer unit price? At this time you can consider joint sales. So, when is the timing of joint sales?

joint sales of 5 kinds of timing

1. when customers choose the product, should actively and enthusiastically for the guests with.

2. promotional activities, can remind customers "now or never".

3. new products, you can encourage customers to try.

4. customers and friends to shop, in the process of recommendation and introduction of goods, ignoring the feelings of the customer’s companions is not wise.

5. when the customer is waiting, no matter what, as long as he is still in the shop, there is a chance to promote the transaction. Can try, no results, then it is when we chat with the guests, to enhance the feelings.

grasp the opportunity, timely recommendation of joint and several products, it is possible to create a higher product sales, which for any owner is very happy thing. So, if you are a shop owner, do you know when it is a good time for joint sales? More than the introduction of these small content, you have mastered it?

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