Open home nostalgia snack shop small business big business opportunities

although we are young, family conditions are not ideal, however, snacks are still a lot of people’s childhood life is full of memories of one thing. But with the development of the times, and now the snack is also gradually tall up, before the kind of snacks began to become a memory of countless people. It is precisely because of this reason, now open a shop of nostalgia nostalgia, there should be a very good big market.

turtle plum tea and Beijing instant noodles, snacks in the snack shop owner Wang Mingyuan, the market simply don’t see it engraved in our minds snacks lined up, attracted 80 fans, 90.

At the beginning of the

site, Wang Mingyuan value is the snack shop around the crowd gathered, more young people, there is a nearby university and a number of primary and secondary schools, is the best place to open a snack bar. Indeed, the distinctive characteristics of the snack shop opened, has become "the gathering of 80, 90," many customers are attracted into the store, as tourists, first photographed, and then choose snacks."

Wang Mingyuan revealed that the main difficulties in operating a snack shop or purchase nostalgia, because many manufacturers are small scale production, sales channels are single, a large number of sources or from the network, thus causing the unstable supply store and price fluctuate. But because the store snacks in the market do not buy, a lot of customers to the shop to buy a lot of everything, which is made up of small snacks in low profit on the day, now profitable store can reach more than 500 yuan.

80. 90 after growing up, has become the main force of the society, therefore, a store in the face of such a customer group, business will naturally do better. So, if you are looking for business opportunities, may wish to open a nostalgic snack shop.

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