Nova Scotians Can Offer Input on Recreational Fishing

first_imgNova Scotians can help ensure fishing regulations remain relevant and effective by taking part in consultations throughout the province. The meetings to discuss issues begin in Oxford on Tuesday, Nov. 5. The Recreational Fishing Advisory Council meetings are held annually by the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture to share sportfishing information, research and promote discussion. “The sportfishing industry is valued at $58 million and attracted 70,000 licensed anglers in 2012,” said Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Keith Colwell. “It’s a healthy, outdoor activity which can be enjoyed at a reasonable cost as a lifelong sport by young and old.” Feedback from past meetings brought regulations to help eliminate the spread of invasive species. There will be six Recreational Fishing Advisory Council meetings throughout the province, from Nov. 5 to 14. More information on angling and meeting dates can be found at or by calling 902-485-5056.last_img read more

UNICEF urges Somalias battling rivals to ensure childrens safety as death toll

3 August 2007The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today voiced distress at the deadly impact of Somalia’s violent conflict on children in Mogadishu, the capital, and called on all parties to ensure their safety and that of other civilians. At least 20 children have died in the past month from the fighting between the Islamist Courts Union and the Ethiopian-backed Transitional Federal Government (TFG), while many others are among the hundreds of thousands who have fled the city, UNICEF spokesperson Veronique Taveau told a news briefing in Geneva.Late last month, five children were killed while en route to a mosque when one child innocently touched unexploded ordnance, underscoring the lingering danger posed by explosive remnants of war.UNICEF has been running mine-risk education spots on radio stations covering Mogadishu and surrounding areas for the past two months. It is also supporting training of community-based child protection advocates by the non-governmental organization (NGO) Handicap International. Since the beginning of June, an estimated 27,000 people have fled Mogadishu, UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) spokesman Ron Redmond told the same briefing. Between February and May, more than 400,000 civilians fled heavy fighting between the Somali Transitional Federal Government and the insurgents in Mogadishu, but 125,000 later returned to the city.“Many of the people who fled told UNHCR that life was more unbearable than ever in Mogadishu because of the daily violence, making it too dangerous to leave their homes,” Mr. Redmond said.“They say the insecurity is widespread, with constant bombing and gun battles. Mothers are unable to buy food for their children and workers unable to make a living. They also complain that their children cannot attend school and many neighbourhoods are isolated because of insecurity or road closures,” he added.Young men told UNHCR they left the capital for fear of being arrested, claiming that after outbreaks of violence, Government forces sealed off the affected neighbourhood and arrested any young men on the streets.Two-thirds of the families who have fled over the past two months have settled in the provinces of the Shabelles, immediately surrounding Mogadishu. UNHCR distributed aid to 50,000 people there in April.Others have fled further north, including 2,600 people who have reached the town of Galkayo, 700 kilometres away in the region of Puntland. The town already hosts 11,000 people who fled Mogadishu between February and May. Some of the most recent arrivals, mostly women and children, reported robberies and some women said they had been raped by armed militiamen and thugs who set up roadblocks along the route.Last week, UNHCR distributed blankets, kitchen sets and jerry cans to 780 families in southern Galkayo. On July 24 July, the agency issued a $48-million appeal to fund its work in Somalia and neighbouring countries until the end of next year. read more

Solidarity generated after attacks on US must extend beyond terrorism Fréchette

“We will have a better chance of winning the battle over terrorism if people around the world, especially young people, feel they can hope for a future that is better than that of their parents,” Ms. Fréchette said in an address this morning at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, where she accepted an honorary Doctor of Laws degree.”This will not happen unless those who have more reach out to those who have less,” she said, calling it “scandalous” that foreign aid has dropped to its lowest level ever in terms of percentage of gross national product (GNP).”Barriers and subsidies continue to impede trade in sectors of greatest interest to developing countries, particularly in agriculture,” Ms. Fréchette said. “Debt burdens, although reduced in recent years, remain very high in too many developing countries. And arresting the AIDS pandemic will require significant and sustained new resources for many years to come.”While it would be an insult to the world’s poor to suggest that poverty generated terrorism, Ms. Fréchette said, the “sick minds” that planned and executed the 11 September attacks have no right to invoke the poor as a justification for their action either.There was no doubt in her mind “that if we reject what the terrorists stand for – violence, intolerance, fanaticism – if we want to protect the values that we hold dear – freedom, tolerance, justice, equality – then we must do better, much better, to bridge the gap between rich and poor,” the Deputy Secretary-General said. read more

At UN European leaders stress importance of international cooperation to tackle global

Rosen Plevneliev, President of the Republic of Bulgaria, addresses the general debate of the General Assembly’s seventy-first session. UN Photo/Cia Pak In her address to the UN General Assembly, Prime Minister Erna Solberg further noted that in in today’s interconnected world, instability in the Middle East and North Africa is causing widespread human suffering and also leading to violent extremism in Europe. “The response should not be to isolate ourselves, but to cooperate and find solutions,” Prime Minister Solberg said, adding that Norway will continue to provide assistance to the countries in need. Emphasizing that the humanitarian situation in Syria “simply cannot be tolerated,” she called on global and regional powers to act to secure an enduring ceasefire and ensure that humanitarians have urgent access. She also called for strengthening the capability of the UN to help countries emerging from conflict, and said the international community has a clear responsibility to fight terrorism and prevent violent extremism. “In order to do so, we need to work closely with civil society, women, young people, faith leaders, and with local communities,” she noted. Ms. Solberg further said that the need to translate the UN women, peace and security agenda into more effective action on the ground and stressed that sexual exploitation and abuse must stop, calling for zero tolerance and firm action by the UN. She also called for adequate resources for UN peacekeepers, development workers and humanitarian workers and said that Norway would continue to do its part.Turning to the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), she said that the global development goals are not only ground breaking but also provide a roadmap for attain the future we want. “The SDGs are all about building inclusive societies, inclusive societies reform better,” she said, underling that the rights to education and health are imperative in this regard. Placing particular emphasis on education of girls, she added: “When girls go to school and get an education, this is not only their fundamental right, it is also good for the economy,” and said that global education will continue to be the top priority of Norway’s development policy, as would its efforts to strengthen epidemic preparedness and global health security. She also underlined the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance that is making vaccines and conventional medical treatment increasingly ineffective, she expressed: “If we do not act, we could reach a stage where common infections are once again deadly.” In her address, the Norwegian leader also underlined the importance of the Paris Agreement on climate change, adopted last year, and called for effective and concerted action to bring down emissions and to meet the ambitious objectives that we have set.She also spoke of her country’s support for reform of UN peace operations and called for promoting an independent and credible UN that can play a uniting and leading role in the world. Serge Telle, Head of Government of the Principality of Monaco, addresses the general debate of the General Assembly’s seventy first session. UN Photo/Loey Felipe Albert Koenders, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, addresses the general debate of the General Assembly’s seventy-first session. UN Photo/Loey Felipe Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders stressed that for all its failings, with geopolitical fault lines deepening, growth stagnating, inequality growing, refugees surging worldwide, and new wars breaking out, the UN, as “the best imperfect global organisation we have” is still the best hope for producing a better world.“I realize that the UN is often seen as a helpless, fragmented and overwhelmed organization that is struggling to cope with the challenges it faces,” he told the Assembly. “And yet, the UN has no choice but to play a key role in delivering solutions, now and in the future. To make the world safer, more just and better prepared for what the future brings.“Because there is no alternative. The UN is the best imperfect global organization we have. The only global organisation that embodies the principles of multilateralism: legitimacy, universality and norm-setting authority. An organisation that has not only convening power, but also the ability to deliver services on a global scale,” he said.He called for reforms, including enlarging the 15-member Security Council to reflect the realities of the world, and warned that the vetoes held by China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and United States should not render the Council powerless, especially when mass atrocities are being committed.Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev called for active reform to strengthen the UN as it faces a host of crises from achieving the SDGs and coping with record refugee flows to ending the bloodshed in Syria and combatting terrorism. “The United Nations has a crucial role to play in addressing these challenges. Our crisis management efforts require a holistic UN response, preventive diplomacy, mediation, peace-building, resilience and reconciliation,” he said.“It is widely recognized that the UN must change and adapt to the new realities. We need an Organization that is properly equipped to meet new challenges and is responsive to ever-growing needs. Strengthening transparency, coherence and cost-efficiency of the UN system is of paramount importance.”Mr. Plevneliev stressed that bringing back peace and reconciliation to Syria can only be achieved through a Syrian-led political process involving an inclusive transition and underlined the important UN role in coordinating comprehensive counter-terrorism actions.He also urged ensuring equal opportunities for women in gaining access to senior decision-making positions, including that of Secretary-General, adding that with UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Director-General Irina Bokova his own country has “a very strong candidate, a true leader with extensive experience in international relations and excellent management skills.“A candidate who deserves your trust and support,” he concluded. In his remarks, Serge Telle, Minister of State of Monaco, said the world would see a steep rise in climate-induced migration in the coming decades. In 2015, the number of climate refugees fleeing damaged ecosystems could increase to as many as 250 million, according to projections by the UN. “This issue is of monumental importance to Monaco and one of the reasons behind the State’s engagement in the 2030 Agenda and in the Paris Agreement, which we will ratify by the end of 2016,” he stated.Although Monaco is responsible for a small portion of global emissions, the country has the ambition to be a leader in energy innovation, he said. Monaco also has committed to reduce greenhouse emissions by 50 per cent in the year 2030 (from 1990 levels). Those transitions have a cost, but his country is convinced the price for a greener world was “minimal compared to the cost of non-action”. In line with its support for green environmental policy, Monaco remained a loyal supporter of the Green Climate Fund. read more

Kitty resident remanded for hiding ganja in mothers yard

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedFruit vendor busted with 13 pounds ganjaFebruary 5, 2019In “Crime”Man busted with ganja in grease containerSeptember 2, 2018In “Crime”Kitty resident remanded over alleged cannabis possessionMay 21, 2018In “Court” Some of the ganja that was found at a North Ruimveldt, Georgetown home on TuesdayA 37-year-old fruit vendor was arraigned before Principle Magistrate Leron Daly on Friday after he was charged with the possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking.Fitzroy Gibson of Alexander Street, Kitty, denied the charge but admitted to ownership of the marijuana.The court was reliably informed that the defendant was in the wee hours of Tuesday morning (February 5) nabbed by Police with 5.8 kilograms (13 lbs) of cannabis after his mother, Donna McKenzie, of Cul De Sac Street North Ruimveldt, reported that he had broken into her yard and buried the illegal drug.Police were escorted to the address where she showed them two bulky transparent plastic parcels containing stems, seeds and leaves suspected to be cannabis.According to police facts, several parcels of the illegal drug was found hidden in a microwave. The woman then ventured out to her backyard where another quantity was unearthed.As such, the vendor was taken into Police custody where the cannabis was weighted and amounted to 6 kilos 158 grams.Police prosecutor Sanj Singh opposed bail as he stated that there were no special reasons given for the accused to be given his pretrial liberty.Further, the court heard that the defendant also contradicted the police, since he provided them with different home addresses.The prosecution’s submission was upheld by the Magistrate who remanded the man to prison.He will make his next court appearance on March 13, 2019. read more

End of SAGA Laszlo Nagy in MKB Veszprem – NOW

Laszlo NagyMKB Veszprem Hungarian champion MKB Veszprem announced that the biggest national handball star, Laszlo Nagy (31) will play in red t-shirt from the upcoming season. Hungarian top side and F.C Barcelona finally reached agreement about transfer fee and Nagy is now ready for a move to mother-land. He signed five years contract (untul 2017) with Veszprem after 12 years, which he spent in Spain.Before Nagy in Veszprem came coach Antonio Carlos Ortega, Spanish NT left wing Christian Ugalde, Chilean line-player Marco Oneto and playmaker from BM Atletico Madrid, Chema Rodriguez. ← Previous Story Women’s OG 2012 (Round 3): Korea took point against Norway! Next Story → Women’s OG 2012 (Round 3): Montenegro and France secured 1/4 Finals! read more

EHF Court disciplinary against Dujshebaev

dujshebaev accident The EHF Court of Handball has opened disciplinary proceedings against KS Vive Targi Kielce coach, Talant Dujshebaev following a request from the European Handball Federation. The claim follows incidents after the match between KS Vive Targi Kielce (POL) and Rhein Neckar Löwen (GER) in the Last 16 of the VELUX EHF Champions League  on 22 March 2014.The Court of Handball has requested that Talant Dujshebaev and the club KS Vive Targi Kielce provide a statement in reply to the EHF claim by Wednesday, 26 March. ← Previous Story Domagoj Duvnjak for HP: I want to see HSV in Cologne Next Story → Iveta Luzumova stays in Thuringer HC read more

Sessions raises concerns over Washingtons pot legalization

first_imgSEATTLE — Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson says he’s disappointed with a letter from U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions about the state’s efforts to regulate marijuana.In a letter dated July 24 , Sessions pointed out to Ferguson and Gov. Jay Inslee that a 2013 Justice Department memo which was interpreted as clearing the way for states to regulate marijuana did not preclude federal prosecution. Sessions also highlighted a 2016 report from a federally funded drug enforcement organization that raised questions about how effectively the state is controlling the industry.Sessions asked Ferguson and Inslee to provide information about how they’re addressing the issues raised in the report.In a written statement Friday, Ferguson said the U.S. attorney general’s letter relies on “incomplete, inaccurate and out-of-date information” about Washington’s marijuana regulations. He added that “any action from the Department of Justice short of allowing our well-regulated, voter-approved system to continue is unacceptable.”last_img read more

Lovren feels to be under huge criticism

first_imgDejan Lovren insisted that he feels to be under bigger criticism than he deserves – despite doing pretty well this season, the critics have tried to point out every single little mistake that he has made and it bothers him.Dejan Lovren hasn’t had it easy since he joined Liverpool from Southampton – he was struggling to find his old form in his first seasons but now, he seems to be finally back. But the critics just keep pointing out his mistakes…The Croat spoke about his situation as he said, according to ESPN:divock origi, liverpoolReport: Origi cause Klopp injury concerns George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Divock Origi injury in today’s game against Newcastle is a cause for concern for Jurgen Klopp.Perhaps with one eye on Tuesday’s trip to Italy…“Everyone makes mistakes, but I play one bad game in 18 and everyone says, ‘Look, look, look.’ Why? I don’t deserve that. People don’t see me in the ‘small’ games. They see 5-0 against Porto but nobody sees my part.”“It’s a challenge. A personality challenge. After a mistake, are you ready to move on? I did it straightaway after Spurs when I was in that record of 18 games unbeaten. Big players don’t need six or seven games; big players in the next game prove you wrong.”last_img read more

POSTPONED Wilmington Flea Market Rescheduled From September 7 To October 19 Due

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Mother nature has forced the postponement of the Annual Flea Market organized by the Wilmington Sons of Italy and Wilmington High School Band Parents Association.Originally scheduled for Saturday, September 7, 2019, the event has been rescheduled to Saturday, October 19, 2019, from 8am to 3pm, in the Town Common Parking Lot, next to the Fourth of July Building.As a result of the change, the deadline to participate as a vendor has been extended. If you’re interested in renting a spot for $20, contact Wilmington Sons of Italy President John Romano at or 617-750-9749.Community members are encouraged to stop by and shop. More than 30 vendors are expected to be on hand. In addition to finding great bargains, attendees can enjoy music and a BBQ lunch.Proceeds from the event will benefit the Wilmington Sons of Italy and the Wilmington High School Band Parents Association.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedCOMING SOON: Wilmington Sons of Italy & WHS Band Parents To Hold Huge Yard Sale On September 7In “Community”5 Things To Do In Wilmington On Saturday, September 7In “5 Things To Do Today”Wilmington Sons of Italy & WHS Band Parents To Hold Huge Yard Sale On September 7In “Community”last_img read more

US reportedly reaches digital tax deal with France

first_img Google tightens grip on Android data, Apple Arcade pricing Mobile Internet Internet Services Tags 1:13 Now playing: Watch this: The US and France reportedly reached a deal over a new French digital tax. Angela Lang/CNET The US has reportedly reached a deal with France over a new French law that would see American tech giants pay more in taxes. French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters Monday that US tech companies paying the tax would be able to deduct it, according to Reuters. On July 11, France’s Senate passed the bill creating a 3% tax on big tech companies providing services to French users. It could have a major impact on US giants like Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Google. France passed the taxation law a day after the Trump administration announced plans to investigate whether the planned digital tax amounts to an unfair trade practice by discriminating against US companies. “We’ve done a lot a work on the bilateral basis, we have a deal to overcome the difficulties between us,” Macron reportedly told press Monday, speaking alongside US President Donald Trump after the G7 summit in France. In Google’s written testimony against the tax, Nicholas Bramble, the company’s trade policy counsel, called it “a sharp departure from long-established tax rules.” In July, Trump hinted that French wine could be subject to a new tariff thanks to what he called Macron’s “foolishness” over the French taxation laws. “France just put a digital tax on our great American technology companies. If anybody taxes them, it should be their home Country, the USA,” Trump tweeted. “We will announce a substantial reciprocal action on Macron’s foolishness shortly. I’ve always said American wine is better than French wine!” A US investigation into France’s new rules will be conducted by US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. It will be a 301 probe, the same kind that led to new tariffs on China last year. “The United States is very concerned that the digital services tax, which is expected to pass the French Senate tomorrow, unfairly targets American companies,” Lighthizer said in a statement in July. “The president has directed that we investigate the effects of this legislation and determine whether it is discriminatory or unreasonable and burdens or restricts United States commerce.” The new French law affects companies that make at least €750 million in revenue worldwide — around $844 million — as well as €25 million in digital sales in France. Over the past decade, the French government and the European Union have been investigating Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook to determine whether they pay enough in taxes. The White House, Apple, Facebook, Spotify and the Internet Association didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment. Netflix, Amazon and Twitter declined to comment. In place of a comment, Google pointed to Bramble’s testimony last week.First published at 9:51 a.m. PT on Aug. 26. Updated at 11:42 a.m.: Amazon declined to comment; 12:38 p.m.: adds Google comment; Aug. 27 at 10:50 a.m.: Twitter declined to commentcenter_img Comments Share your voice Legal 8last_img read more

Alaska Highway Money Not an Easy Sell to Congress

first_imgThe government of Canada’s Yukon Territory is asking Congress to pay for reconstruction of the Alaska Highway. Premier Darrell Pasloski  was in Washington last week to make the case. The United States and Canada agreed in 1977 to work together to improve the northern section of the Highway, as well as the spur from Haines Junction to the border near Haines. The U.S. agreed to pay for construction and Canada would pay maintenance and operation. Premier Pasloski says  the funding should continue.Download Audio“This has been a great deal for the U.S. Taxpayers because the U.S. Congress has put up approx 25 percent of the money into this highway, however, about 85% of the traffic is U.S. traffic,” he said.The U.S. paid more than $400 million before Congress stopped funding in 2012. Part of the Haines road still needs resurfacing, but the bigger challenge is a long section further north, where the road is on unstable permafrost.Matt Shuckerow , a spokesman for Alaska Congressman Don Young, says the road is a vital link between Southeast and the Interior. But the U.S. Highway Trust Fund is stretched thin, so Shuckerow says  it’s not an easy sell in Washington.“Members here in Congress have very little appetite to send money to places like Canada when in fact we lack funds to take care of our highway issues here in the United States,” he said.Shuckerow says Young believes the U.S. should live up to its obligation to pay for the highway, but it will take sustained pressure from Canada, the state of Alaska and the Alaska congressional delegation.last_img read more

Selfimmolation bid by farmer his wife in Nizamabad

first_imgNizamabad: Ramulu, a farmer from Yanampally village of Dichapalli mandal, along with his wife attempted suicide at Nizamabad Collectorate on Monday.Ramulu said that some people had encroached his three acres land in Yanampalli village. He complained the issue to the officials of revenue department several times but of no use.Vexed with the officials’apathy and afraid of losing his land, along with his wife Ramulu came to the Collectorate in Nizamabad and doused self and family members with kerosene and tried to set fire.The police, who observed this, foiled his attempt.last_img read more

Girl loses leg in city road crash

first_imgRoad Accident logoA teenage girl lost one of her legs as a BRTC bus ran over her on Airport Road in the capital’s Banani area on Friday night, reports UNB.An Uttara-bound Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) bus from Mohakhali hit Rozina Akhter, 16, while she was crossing the road in Chairmanbari area around 8:30pm, sources at the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (NITOR), better known as Pangu Hospital, said.The right leg of the victim got severed from her thigh following the accident, physicians said.After the accident, she was rushed to Pangu Hospital immediately. Police detained the bus along with its driver soon after the incident.Talking to reporters at the hospital, Rozina said she has been working at a journalist’s house in Niketon area. She went to Amtola area near Chairmanbari on Friday to visit one of her friends.When she was about to cross the road the rear wheel of the BRTC bus ran over her, Rozina said. Daughter of Rasul Mia, Rozina hails from Dhobaura upazila of Mymensingh.A case was filed with Banani police station in this connection.Earlier on 4 April, Rajib Hossain, a student of Government Titumir College had lost his right hand after it got stuck between two buses at Karwan Bazar area. He succumbed to his injuries at Dhaka Medical College Hospital on 17 April.last_img read more

Hulu Adds Discovery Channels to Live TV Streaming Service

first_img Popular on Variety ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 Hulu’s live TV subscribers finally have access to a dozen Discovery networks in various packages, coming after the companies inked a multiyear deal two months ago.The core Hulu With Live TV core package ($40 per month) as of Thursday, Nov. 29, now includes 56 national cable channels, with the addition of five Discovery networks: Discovery, TLC, MotorTrend, Animal Planet and Investigation Discovery (ID). The price of the bundle remains the same.In addition, Hulu is adding five other networks from Discovery to its recently launched Entertainment Add-On tier (an additional $7.99 per month): Destination America, Discovery Family, Science, Discovery Life, and American Heroes Channel. Other channels in the Entertainment pack are CNBC World, DIY, FYI and Lifetime Movies.Hulu also is adding Discovery en Español and Discovery Familia to its $4.99-per-month Spanish-language pack, which also includes ESPN Deportes, NBC Universo, CNN En Español and History Channel En Español.center_img The launch of Discovery networks on Hulu comes after nine of the programmer’s channels went live on Dish Network’s Sling TV internet-streaming service in different packages.Under Hulu’s deal with Discovery, the streaming service is adding nearly 4,000 episodes of the programmer’s shows to its video-on-demand lineup. Hulu will be the exclusive subscription streaming home for several unscripted Discovery shows, including Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch,” “MythBusters” and “Naked and Afraid”; TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress”; and shows from Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).Since its launch in May 2017, Hulu With Live TV has included Food Network, HGTV and Travel Channel from Scripps Networks Interactive (which is now part of Discovery).Even as Hulu adds Discovery’s live networks to the live TV service, the company is exploring lower-cost live TV bundles that would eliminate linear feeds of entertainment cable TV networks to improve margins. Hulu in September said it had notched 1 million subscribers for “virtual” pay-TV service, which includes local broadcast stations in most markets.According to Hulu, on the VOD side of its service, Discovery’s most-watched home renovation show to date is HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” and the most-watched cooking series is Food Network’s “Chopped.” Other top unscripted shows on Hulu from Discovery include TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé” and Discovery Channel’s “Alaskan Bush People.”Pictured above: Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch”last_img read more

GE introduces natural gas FlexEfficiency 60 turbine

first_imgGE’s FlexEfficiency 60 Combined-Cycle Power Plant. GE’s new triple-threat hybrid power plant technology selected to go up in Turkey Explore further The development of the new turbines comes at an opportune time for GE: natural gas prices have fallen dramatically in the United States over the past year as a result of new extraction methods. At the same time, rising concern about the carbon emissions from coal plants has utility companies eagerly looking for new ways to produce power. In addition to producing less carbon, the new turbines will give plant operators much more flexibility in responding to fluctuations in power demand. Coal plants are notoriously slow at ramping up or down, and older natural gas turbines weren’t much better. The new line of turbines from GE allows for ramping up or down in minutes as opposed to hours, making them an attractive option for plants that use renewable resources such as wind or solar power. Being able to power-up during sudden periods of diminished sunlight—when a sudden thunderstorm hits, for instance—allows operators to switch over to natural gas almost instantly. The company claims the new line is also more efficient than previous natural gas burners, achieving 61% thermal efficiency.With this introduction, GE announced that it has already taken $1.2 billion worth of preorders for the FlexEfficiency 60 line, with sales to Saudi Arabian, Japanese and American utilities. The immediate interest has made it, the company says, the most successful introduction of a new energy portfolio in the company’s history.According to representatives, GE’s advances in jet engine materials that allow for more precise control of internal temperatures were applied to the development of this new line of natural gas burning turbines. Such precision is what makes the turbines more flexible and efficient. The new turbines will be built at the company’s Greenville, South Carolina facility. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. More information: Press release (—General Electric has unveiled its new line of highly efficient natural gas burning turbines for use in generating electricity. The new turbines are able to rapidly increase or reduce their power output to meet demand, making them, the company says, ideal companions to renewable resource based energy platforms. The new line of FlexEfficiency 60 turbines will be produced in several configurations ranging from 185MW to over 300MW, with initial deliveries scheduled for some time next year. © 2012 Citation: GE introduces natural gas FlexEfficiency 60 turbine (2012, October 2) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

Govt spend in health sector insurance cover must improve Rupali Basu

first_imgGrowing up in Durgapur, Rupali Basu, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Eastern Region at Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited, is greatly admired for her role in health and hospital management.Achieving success at a very young age, she has now become a torch bearer for other women in Kolkata. In 2008, she took over as the CEO of the Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata and currently heads and operates out of that 660 bedded multi-super-speciality hospital. A pioneer in implementing a world-class standard of quality and accreditation in healthcare, her contribution towards the development of super speciality tertiary care hospital services in Eastern India, specifically in the areas of cancer, cardiac, and emergency care has been inspirational and exemplary. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’A medical graduate from R G Kar Medical College, Kolkata and post-graduate in Health and Hospital Management from Delhi and Harvard University, Basu holds key positions in almost a dozen institutions of Eastern India. She is the President of the Association of Hospitals in Eastern India; Vice-President of Welfare Society for the Blind, Kolkata and Executive Council member of ICC and CII(Eastern Region). She is also the Chairperson of ICC National Expert Committee on Healthcare, Chairperson of the Women Empowerment Task Force of CII(Eastern Region); Co-Chairperson of Sector Committee on Health, Education and Skill, Government of West Bengal and Member of Steering Committee on Industry, Government of West Bengal. Basu has travelled to many countries and led industrial delegations on behalf of the CII. She also serves as an independent director on the Board of Tata Steel Processing and Distribution Ltd and Visa Power Ltd. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixAlthough she has been in the profession for more than nineteen years, she never gave up on her dreams of designing. Inspired by her father, Basu is passionate about designing saris and has conducted several exclusive exhibitions at several places in the city and all proceeds go to charity. Basu is also the Editor of a fortnightly Bengali language Women magazine Ajker Sampurna’.What inspired you to take up medical studies and choose Health and Hospital Management? My involvement with the National Cadet Corps in school aroused an interest in nation-building. This prompted me to take up Preventive and Social Medicine (PSM) as my specialization – and that meant working towards improving the standard of available medical service.After graduating from medical college, I specialized in public health and was a topper at the All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health. After observing the environment while working as a house staff there, I realized that proper hospital management could change the health care system in India and took up hospital management in the 1990s when such a concept barely existed in India.Why did you choose to live and work in Calcutta?Calcutta is the city of my choice with a vision to transform the healthcare scenario.How well is the state government working?The State Government has taken a number of initiatives which focuses on transforming the face of healthcare in West Bengal. Some of them include, creation of 41 new super- speciality hospitals in West Bengal of which 32 have already been inaugurated, free indoor treatment for everyone at Government hospitals, setting up diagnostic units at rural hospitals, mobile medical units in Jangalmahal and closed tea gardens in the state, community delivery centres in relay mode in remote areas such as islands of Sundarbans and promoting private-public partnership(PPP) in medical and nursing education. It has also invited private hospitals to take in medical students, but this is yet be legalised. What does the state need to do to improve our health care services?The State has already taken a number of path-breaking initiatives as outlined above. However, the focus should be on the shortage of doctors and lack of penetration in rural areas, shortage of manpower and technicians and high per capita expenditure. It is an irony that a considerable portion of seats remains vacant every year due to lack of multi-institution coordination. The State may address this problem by streamlining the process of post-graduate medical education through a Committee which will coordinate between Supreme Court, MCI, Central Government and State Government. Emphasis should be given on insurance and other schemes. Quality accreditation in Government hospitals will be an added advantage to ensure patient’s safety and good clinical outcomes. Many patients still prefer to go to Mumbai, Chennai or Bangalore for treatment. How can we stop them?A major step will be to create awareness about the super-speciality clinical care that is available in the region. Apollo Gleneagles Hospital launched the first Oncology Centre in 2010 with the state of the art technology like NovalisTx and Robotics. Three Tesla MRIs, Neuro Navigation and Brain Lab are also available in West Bengal now. Awareness must also be created about cost differentials, without compromising the quality of care and clinical outcome. What kind of transformation do you think healthcare sector in India needs to have?The health care spending in India is only 4.7 percent (World Bank report 2014). It needs to increase as the percentage is really less as compared to countries like UK (9 per cent) and the US (17 perc ent).  Financial access has to be improved through extensive insurance cover and healthcare resource gaps have to be filled. Next, workforce shortages have to be reduced; public health facilities should be strengthened and early treatment of the diseases should be done.  I believe telehealth services should be extensively used as this platform can truly transform India’s healthcare system. Apollo is considered to be one of the best hospital chains of the country. What extra facilities does this group provide to their patients?Apollo has a robust presence across the healthcare spectrum. The group has emerged as the foremost integrated healthcare provider in Asia. The difference lies in the philosophy that we subscribe to. We prioritise our patients and believe in prevention rather than cure. Taking cognizance of the undeniable fact that India is reeling under the onslaught of Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs), the Apollo Group has assumed the responsibility to educate and influence the mindset. Increased focus on initiatives like personalised preventive healthcare bears testimony to this new thrust. How do you attract the best of doctors to the hospital?This is done through our state -of- the- art infrastructure, cutting edge clinical technology, the scope for academics and research, national presence, quality policies and national and international brand presence. Not everyone can access expensive healthcare facilities. In that case, what would your suggestions be?Insurance penetration, which is currently about 25 percent, needs to be increased significantly to make healthcare facilities accessible to a larger section of the society. Also, we need our government to introduce other schemes promising an increase in accessibility for the economically weaker section. What are some of the major health problems in India? Are steps being taken to combat them?The increase in non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is the main problem plaguing India. Some of them are cardio-vascular diseases (hypertension and ischaemic heart disease), stroke, cancer, diabetes, and chronic respiratory disorders. In addition, most of the lung cancers’ cases are reported from West Bengal. Almost 62 percent of NCD deaths are caused by heart diseases and strokes. In order to prevent them, early detection through preventive health checks is absolutely necessary. Where else is the Apollo group planning to expand its business?Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals currently runs a 660-bedded super speciality hospital in Kolkata, and intends to add 120 beds in the Institute of Gastro-Sciences and Liver in the next six months. Given the prevalence of gastroenterological and liver diseases and a dearth of dedicated single-speciality hospitals in the region, this move comes as a great service for the patients in the region. We are also in the process of evaluating both green-field and brown-field proposals for setting up a hospital in South Kolkata with two to three hundred beds. Further, we have acquired a 14 acre plot in Batanagar, for a proposed 750-bedded medical college with an intake of 150 medical graduates. Over the next five years, our plan is to get 1000 beds here.You have been associated with sports in the recent past. Tell us about some of the activities in this field?We have made it our mission to support sports in Bengal. Sports are vital in keeping our community fit. Most of the NCDs – heart diseases and diabetes result from a sedentary lifestyle. We are therefore focussing on prevention and there is no better way to do it than getting more people involved in sports and an active lifestyle. We have provided first-aid kits for 18 CAB-affiliated clubs, entered into an emergency medical partnership with both Mohun Bagan and East Bengal Clubs and I-League matches. We are the exclusive medical partners of Atlético de Kolkata for ISL 2015, covering all home and practice matches, and with ICC for all the T 20 World Cup 2016 matches played here. Recently, we have also promoted the game of darts through Apollo Eagles. You have been patronising and promoting art, culture and cinema. Why, and what are your activities in this scenario?These activities enable us to connect with people and the community on a wider scale. For instance, when we presented the film ‘Praktan’, we understood that it was about relationships, something that we focussed on at the hospital as well. The concept of ‘Hete Dekho Kolkata’ or ‘Let’s Walk, Kolkata’ also had a fitness angle. Recently, we also presented ‘Stone’, an exhibition of photographs on architecture, in an initiative honouring the quintessential rickshaw pullers of Kolkata.You are also an editor of a Bengali magazine. What inspired you in this endeavour?My point was to address today’s stress-filled lifestyle. It is important for a woman to be equally careful about her body and her mind. Hence, a wellness magazine for women becomes an ideal way to communicate with millions of them. It lets them feel good, keeps them informed about wellness, beauty, fashion, literature, media and entertainment, home décor, enables a stress-free lifestyle and provides our best doctor’s advice to stay well. My editorial journey, which started from my school days, was the first push in this regard. Message for young students who are studying medicine?First, recognize your strength and then back it up with unending hard work. Increasing demand is driving the world now and unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day. Hence, we need to stretch ourselves to the fullest. Being physically and mentally strong is, therefore the precursor of life.last_img read more

Have a Burning Business Question Ask Our Security Expert Gary Davis

first_img 3 min read May 4, 2016 Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Globalcenter_img Cybersecurity. It’s a threat that can strike any business, any size, any time.Yet, often smaller sized companies feel they can fly under the radar and don’t feel threatened by hackers who have wreaked havoc on bigger companies – Target, Michaels and Home Depot, to name a few. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Indeed, startups face the same, if not, greater risk, of being a target for security breach — something that could be an end to an entrepreneur’s dreams rather quickly.Thankfully, we have Gary Davis as our expert. As the chief consumer security evangelist of Intel Security, he knows a thing or two about security and is looking to help entrepreneurs.Related: Verizon Hacked, With Data of 1.5 Million Customers Stolen”Having spent the lion’s share of my career in early stage companies and startups including being a founder, I have a special appreciation for the types of challenges that entrepreneurs face,” Davis says. “Sharing what I’ve learned about cybersecurity with them in a relevant way would be something that I would have appreciated when I was in their position.”During his time at Intel Security, Davis has worked closely with internal teams to ensure products and services meet customer need by staying on the forefront of security and evolving as technology changes.He also educates other businesses and consumers by having an active voice online, publishing articles and speaking about security issues to various outlets including Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, CNET, USA Today Fox News and CNBC. He also travels to various conferences around the world to discuss how to remain safe online.Related: Meet the Middlemen Who Connect Hackers for Hire With Corporate AmericaIn his tenure at Intel, Davis helped shaped the company’s strategies and plans, which led to record bookings in 2015 in the Consumer business and equating to double-digit growth over the previous year. Also, his security education series was one of the most successful campaigns ever launched by Intel, resulting in 129 million impressions.Prior to his role at Intel Security, Davis served in various management roles for the past 15 years, including overseeing security, consumer education software, social media and B2B integration.Outside of work, Davis serves on the board of directors of the National Cyber Security Alliance and is looking forward to using his expertise to have an impact on our readers.”Cybersecurity impacts all of us. Entrepreneurs need to be informed and educated on what’s going on in this space and what actions to take to safeguard their business from bad actors,” Davis says. “Being informed can help entrepreneurs better plan and budget for the business costs associated with cybersecurity.”We are honored to have Davis as our security expert for the month of May. He can speak on a number of topics pertaining to security, including privacy, breaches, protecting your data, Internet of Things and managing threats.Got a question you would like answered? Submit your questions by tweeting us, using the hashtag #ENTexpert. One topic will be selected by the editors of Entrepreneur and addressed by Davis in a weekly writeup. Related: 6 Reasons Smart Small Business Owners Invest In Security Register Now »last_img read more

TunnelBear 30 VPN ships with Trusted Networks feature

first_imgTunnelBear 3.0 VPN ships with Trusted Networks feature by Martin Brinkmann on September 23, 2016 in Internet – 6 commentsTunnelBear 3.0 is the latest version of the VPN client for Windows and Mac OS X that ships with a new Trusted Network feature and performance improvements.We have talked about TunnelBear before here on this site, so just a quick recap of what it is all about if you never heard of the service.TunnelBear is a VPN service that you may sign up for. It offers a free tier that is limited to monthly transfers of 500 Megabyte, and a paid tier that does away with the bandwidth restriction.It is also available as a browser extension for Chrome or Opera that uses the service for data transfers in those browsers.TunnelBear 3.0TunnelBear 3.0 is available for the service’s desktop programs. According to the company, one of the main new features of the new version is that connections happen up to 60% faster than in old versions of the program.If you have tried previous versions of TunnelBear, you may have experienced slow connection attempts, and an improvement in this regard is certainly a welcome additional.Probably even more useful than that is the new Trusted Networks feature. Basically, what it does is allow you to add certain networks to a trusted list. You then turn on auto-connect, and TunnelBear will automatically connect to one of its servers whenever the device you are using is not connected to a trusted network.So, add your home and work network to the list of trusted networks, and get automatic VPN connections anywhere else including the coffee shop next door, at the airport, the hotel lobby or room, or your friend’s house.While you could perform these operations — that is connecting to TunnelBear when connected to untrusted networks — manually, the main advantage is that it is automated with Trusted Networks enabled.This means that you won’t forget to do so, and that it may happen earlier than if you would do so manually.The company behind the product has integrated another useful feature to its application. It checks the security of the wireless network connection, and will warn you if issues are observed. For instance, if the connection uses WEP, you will be notified about it.Last but not least, TunnelBear 3.0 protects you if the device’s connection to the TunnelBear server drops for whatever purpose. This feature is similar to kill switches that companies like Private Internet Access have implemented in their clients.It prevents data from being transferred over insecure connections if the VPN connection drops.Closing WordsThe introduced features make sense and improve the security of the connection. While that is good, the 500 Megabyte that you get for free is nowhere near enough for doing anything serious on the Internet.Watch a handful of videos and you reach the limit. Even if you only do web surfing, you will reach the limit quickly with modern web pages often exceeding the 1 Megabyte mark easily.Now You: Do you use a VPN?SummaryArticle NameTunnelBear 3.0 VPN ships with Trusted Networks featureDescriptionTunnelBear 3.0 is the latest version of the VPN client for Windows and Mac OS X that ships with a new Trusted Network feature and performance improvements.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Microsoft releases yet another botched driver WPD

first_imgMicrosoft releases yet another botched driver (WPD) by Martin Brinkmann on March 09, 2017 in Windows – 17 commentsReports are starting to come in that Microsoft released — yet another — mysterious driver for the Windows operating system.The driver, Microsoft – WPD – 2/22/2016 12:00:00 AM – 5.2.5326.4762, has been released for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.At least some users are reporting issues with the drivers, from failed installations to mobile devices no longer being recognized by the Windows machine the update was installed on.We don’t know much about the update; the update is released without a Knowledgebase ID. If you see it when you check for updates on Windows, it is simply listed as Microsoft – WPD – 2/22/2016 12:00:00 AM – 5.2.5326.4762.Not much to go by right?Virtually the only indicator the update gives is that it is a WPD driver. WPD is an abbreviation, and means Windows Portable Devices.These drivers enable a computer running Windows to communicate with attached media and storage devices. It allows your computer to communicate with mobile phones, music players, storage devices, and many other device types that get connected to the computer in one way or another.Several drivers and protocols are provided, including Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP), Media Transfer Protocol (MTP), and Mass Storage Class (MSC).While that is helpful to know, it does not really explain why the update is pushed out via Windows Update to Windows devices. While it may look like an update for the driver to you, no information is available on why the update was released.Does it fix issues in the driver, update features, or make other changes?Since there is no KnowledgeBase article, we don’t know any of that.Considering that at least some users are reporting that the driver installation does more harm than good on their systems, it is recommended not to install it right now.If you have installed it already, try to use System Restore or another form of restoration to restore a previous version of the system (prior to installation of the driver). While you may consider keeping it around if you did not notice any issues, users who ran into device recognition issues after installation may need to do so to regain connectivity.Another option that is work exploring is to try and run a manual driver update check:Tap on the Windows-key, type devmgmg.msc, and hit the Enter-key on the keyboard. This opens the Windows Device Manager.Locate your phone in the Device Manager, right-click on it, and select Update Driver Software.Select “Browse my computer for driver software” when the wizard opens.Select “let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer”.Check the “show compatible hardware” box.Select MTP USB Device and click on next.You may also want to try rebooting the PC to see whether this is sufficient to regain device accessibility.Günther Born managed to get his hands on the driver, and took it through a thorough analysis. You can check out his English blog post on the driver here. While you are at it, check out Woody’s post over on Infoworld as well.He discovered that it is an Android driver for MediaTek Android devices by Shenzhen Diadem Technology Co, Ltd.My recommendation is to avoid this driver update for now, especially if you have no issues connecting devices to your Windows machine, or don’t require this functionality at all.You may want to check how to disable driver updates in Windows, how to remove installed Windows updates and block them, and how to uninstall Windows Updates for additional information.Now You: Do you install drivers through Windows Update?SummaryArticle NameMicrosoft releases yet another botched driverDescriptionReports are starting to come in that Microsoft released — yet another — mysterious driver for the Windows operating system.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more