Trojans Grapplers Capture Sectional Crown-Lots Of Area Regional Qualifiers

first_imgThe East Central Trojans Wrestling team continue their winning ways this season by capturing The Wrestling Sectional Team Championship at Franklin on Saturday, February 1st, at Franklin County. Coach Adam Wolf’s squad won six individual weight titles en route to repeating as Sectional Champs and all Trojans Wrestlers participating also Regional bound. The overall team results. 2-Milan, 3-South Dearborn, 4-Rushville, 5-Lawrenceburg, 6-Franklin County, 7-Connersville, 8-Greensburg, 9-Batesville, 10-Union County.The Batesville High School wrestling team traveled to Franklin County to compete in Sections with 9 other teams. Despite the 9th place finish, The Bulldogs had a strong individual performance with half the team that participated in placing and 3 moving on to regionals.Sophomore Josh Mobley had the best finish with a 2nd place finish at 152. Mobley went 2-1 with a pin and a 9-3 victory. Josh lost in the finals to number 3 ranked Bryar Hall form East Central. JT Linkel went 3-1 on his way to a 3rd place finish at 145. Linkel had 1 pin and 2 decision victories. Alex Murphy went 2-2 finishing 4th with 2 pins. All three will be moving on to regionals next week in Richmond. Seniors Nick Nobbe and Axel Garcia both placed 6th at 160 and 170. Other participants were Jonathan Lamping at 126, Jonathan Schrank at 138, Jy’lil Chappell at 182, Christian Garcia at 195, and Brandon Manning at 220. The team placed 9th with 55 points.Failed to fetch Error: URL to the PDF file must be on exactly the same domain as the current web page. Click here for more infoFailed to fetch Error: URL to the PDF file must be on exactly the same domain as the current web page. Click here for more infoThe top four wrestlers from each individual weight class will advance to The Regionals at Richmond on Saturday, February 8th, starting at 9 AM.Congrats to our area qualifying wrestlers at The Sectionals and good luck at The Regionals.last_img read more

Sen. Johnson Decries Tribalism, Sectionalism

first_imgBomi County ranking Senator Sando Dazoe Johnson has condemned Liberians who hide behind the doctrine of sectionalism and tribalism to get at one another.“There is no need for tribal or sectional sentiment, especially as we are looking for a more people-centered person to occupy the seat of Senate Pro Tempore,” Senator Johnson   told journalists yesterday on the grounds of the Capitol Building.The Bomi lawmaker said his colleagues are not going to support a candidate who sings the song of division, saying the Senate Bloc he belongs to has decided to give full support to ensure that his candidate, Gbarpolu County Senator Armah Zolu Jallah becomes the next Pro Tempore.To buttress Senator Johnson’s comment, Senator Jallah was seen having lunch with some members of the Senate Majority Bloc, among them the leaders of the Bloc, Senators Geraldine Doe-Sherif and Henry Willie Yallah.Also seen among Jallah’s support bloc were Senators Peter Coleman, George Tengbeh, Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, Matthew Jaye and Dallas A.V. Gueh, among others.The issue of when the Pro Tempore election and those for the leadership or Statutory posts will be held did not come up during yesterday’s opening program.But the Secretary of the Senate, as a matter of protocol, is expected to announce the existence of vacancies for the Pro Tempore and other statutory posts, followed by the announcement of a timetable for elections. He will then receive letters of applications from or on behalf of interested candidates.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

City comparisons with Barca premature, says Guardiola

first_imgTheir dominance under Guardiola this season has also drawn comparisons between them and Barcelona.However, the City boss has shrugged off the comparison, stating that the Blaugrana have a rich history of winning both domestic and European titles, while the Manchester outfit are yet to reach the quarter-finals of this year’s Champions League. They will host FC Basel in the second leg of their last-16 tie on Wednesday.“We are almost in the quarter-finals,” said Guardiola, according to the Manchester Evening News. “We are almost champions of the Premier League.“But we are not in the quarter-finals and we are not champions – that is why we have to be calm.“That is the best advice I can give to my players. It would be just the second time in our whole history in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.“We don’t have legacy behind us.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Man City have been backed as the odds-on favourites to win this year’s Champions League trophy, while also being on track to cruise to the Premier League title. Their dominance under Guardiola this season has also drawn comparisons between them and Barcelona.LONDON, United Kingdom, Mar 7 – Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has played down comparisons with his former team Barcelona, insisting that City need to build a legacy first.Man City have been backed as the odds-on favourites to win this year’s Champions League trophy, while also being on track to cruise to the Premier League title.last_img read more

We read the Ghostbusters movie novel so you dont have to

first_imgAs soon as it was announced that Sony Pictures was going to let Paul Feig make an all-female remake of 1984’s Ghostbusters, all hell broke loose. Love it or hate it, rejuvenating old franchises to sell to new audiences is still popular in Hollywood and Ghostbusters comes out July 15th to try and reintroduce the concepts of proton packs, ghost traps, and New York City spectres to the zeitgeist.Ahead of the film’s release, the official novelization by author Stacia Deutsch has been released and contains the basic outline for the movie, including some of the jokes and set pieces that have appeared in the trailers.If you can’t hold your containment units or don’t mind slight spoilers (no one is giving away the ending here!), continue on to learn about how these new Ghostbusters compare to the first team.First, a word of warning: the novelization of the Ghostbusters movie written by an author who also wrote installments of the Nancy Drew and Boxcar Children book series is not actually a good book by the standard of books. Deutsch isn’t interested in adding any complexity to the plot as it is going to appear on screen.Without having seen the Paul Feig movie, I can’t be sure, but the book reads like the author had access to a draft of the screenplay and used it as beat-by-beat plot notes. When the villain, Rowan, first appears he is introduced by his full name in the prose (it’s Rowan North) even though he’s supposed to be a mysterious figure. At one point about a third through the book, the prose refers to the four main characters as “The Ghostbusters” even though no one in-universe has named them “the Ghostbusters” yet.As a book, Ghostbusters is no good. It reads like a barely elaborated-upon screenplay, which means the plot in the book could closely mirror what we see on screen. There’s already evidence that the materials Deutsch had access to wasn’t shot-on-film takes from the movie, as line readings that appear in the novel have appeared in trailers with major additions. The biggest takeaway after reading Ghostbusters is an as-for-now unquenchable thirst to see these scenes performed by professional actors and comedians.Take, for example, Kate McKinnon’s character Jillian Holtzmann. There’s a paragraph in the book that describes Holtzmann dancing to music in her lab. The book doesn’t mention what song is playing (You Should Be Dancing by the Bee Gees gets name dropped later on, so the song for this sequence must have not been in the screenplay), but it describes how Holtzmann sets a paper towel dispenser on fire, grabs a fire extinguisher, executes a spin, and puts the fire out, all while dancing. It’s just a few lines on the page, but without seeing how Kate McKinnon is dancing or hearing what song is playing, it’s hard to picture if the joke in the final project will be funny. Knowing McKinnon’s talent for performance, we have this scene to look forward to.Leslie Jones’ MTA worker Patty is probably the best portrayed in the book, just because she’s not a scientist with a quirky personality like the other three. Instead of assuming that Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy are going to be able to perform a rap about the thin barrier between the spirit world and the real world by reading prose, Patty’s dialogue establishes her as a character who wants to help because she wants to have friends, not because she has an axe to grind with scientific institutions. Patty has good lines in all the scenes she’s in, the other women’s humor feels like it could go either way depending on the final cut of the film.The characters of Erin (Wiig) and Abby (Melissa McCarthy) are empty nothings without the actresses portraying them. Erin is not Pete Venkman, instead she’s much more insecure in her academic career. Abby isn’t Ray Stenz, she’s much more motivated than that and seems to be colder towards Erin than Ray ever was towards Pete or Egon (even in Ghostbusters 2). Erin left Abby at a crucial moment in their paranormal investigating career (which it seems like we’ll revisit in flashback) and Abby has never forgiven Erin.Both characters presumably get to do some slapstick, with Abby getting possessed and vomiting ectoplasm and Erin being restrained while she’s trying to warn the Mayor (Andy Garcia). Both of those scenes have had shots end up in trailers and are already much more entertaining than the description of them was. The plot hinges on the question of when these two are going to forgive each other and how much trust can be regained between old friends.The other aspect of the story that depends on actually seeing the movie are the designs of the ghosts and equipment. The novelization doesn’t spend a lot of time describing the apparitions and gadgets we’re not familiar with. When slime first appears in the prologue, the novel calls it ectoplasm right off the bat. When Holtzmann shows up with a PKE meter, we’re told in simple terms. However, the first pass at the proton pack has some sort of collar that goes around Kristen Wiig to ground the machine and is too heavy for an individual to lift…what does that look like? The Ghostbusters come across dozens of ghosts in the story and unless they are Slimer or a ghost parade balloon shaped like the Stay Puffed Marshmallow man, the spectres are not described beyond the bare minimum (like a screenplay).It’s easy to pick out the characters who are inserted to be cameos by the original cast with two exceptions: the Annie Potts (Janine) is referred to as “he” in the text, and the Dan Ackroyd cameo only makes a one line appearance at the end of a scene. The Sigourney Weaver, Bill Murray, and Ernie Hudson cameos all make it into the novelization with lines and everything. None of the cameos will be longer than a few minutes with Murray’s potentially taking up the most time (and having the most memorable contribution).References to the original film stand out, especially when the novel is constantly calling attention to them. The firehouse that the original team famously used as a base does make an appearance, the movie bends over backwards to make the logo’s reintroduction feel organic, but most of the references are structural. These Ghostbusters feel like they’re being forced to jump through the same hoops as the original, just in terms more suited for 2016 (the comedy is broader, for one).The plots have similarities even if Rowan isn’t an Ivo Shandor clone (for one, Rowan appears in the film very early on, where as Shandor was dead by the time 1984 Ghostbusters started). The main difference is that this Ghostbusters doesn’t have a Dana Barrett character that is a romantic interest outside the Ghostbusters, instead it uses Kevin (Chris Hemsworth) for comedic and not romantic purposes.The greatest takeaway from the Ghostbusters novelization – which, again, I do not suggest you read – was a re-focusing of expectations. My hopes weren’t dashed by the plot that tries to re-do Ghostbusters about a four-way ghost busting friendship instead of a romance, that was good. Then again, so much of how enjoyable this movie is depends on the performance of the four lead actresses and the design of the world they inhabit. The book chose not to attempt describing or elaborating beyond the bare minimum, that was bad.The sky isn’t falling, nor is Ghostbusters going to be the biggest hit of 2016. We’re exactly in the middle, awaiting an actual film.last_img read more