The search engine family character analysis

is a unique PR for all sites, if your station do is good enough, then your level will slowly rise online. The same Google grandfather also made many friends website, he is also very love for these friends into the new content through the web site.

love Shanghai also make many good friends, he especially love friends recommended to his website, he is willing to go to the web site to crawl browsing, if this place he felt very love will often come to visit, in the course of time the good friend’s good friend has become my good friend, this is called the chain. read more

What is the Shanghai dragon came to understand Shanghai dragon

station optimization to optimize the users, the remaining part is for search engine optimization. The station optimization here mainly refers to:

website keywords, actually is the key strategy, a qualified website, of course not only home a few words, nor keywords tags buried under twenty words, but the site’s large and small corners should be covered with keywords, such as the earth is a site that is the core of the continents keywords basic keywords continents following is the site of the state, and the main national capital is below state of the page, like the "Chinese municipality" and "Special Administrative Region" is a special page are independent, this is a net, each. read more

The website speed optimization of several methods

we all know, the speed is directly related to the website user friendliness, a slow website is difficult to attract users. So, how to optimize the speed of the site, here is my personal experience to talk about:

, note the use of Table page. The contents of the whole page into a Table, this is the problem of web design, many webmaster in order to pursue the unity of the whole page aligned, the content of the page into a table, and then by the TD cell to divide each block layout, the website display speed is absolutely slow. Because Table are loaded after the show to all the content, if certain content cannot be accessed, it will delay the entire page access speed. The correct approach is: the content is divided to several have the same pattern of Table, not all stuffed into a Table. read more

What are the benefits of sharing love Shanghai for website optimization


now love Shanghai in the search results page, according to Shanghai has increased the share of love, a record for the thumb, thumb, many owners feel very excited at the beginning, but after a period of observation, the thumb is only played a reminder of the role, and no the optimization of website what bring substantial help, such as to enhance the weight of the website or website ranking etc. Therefore pen >!


three: love Shanghai share for the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization function has not yet been confirmed read more

Who said Shanghai Longfeng decline and long tail keywords

you get more long tail keywords. If the internal links do not, so want to have ranking is not easy. So, for the huge data, how to do the internal links between the long tail keywords, this is the difference between a master and rookie of the Shanghai dragon. Here we can see what. Sina, some of the practices of NetEase and other large sites, for each of the long tail keywords, we must have at least ten or so in the entrance of their website, without affecting the experience effect, give yourself some more long tail keywords as possible entrance. read more

The site contains three main executioner keenly aware of the lower


as the saying goes in the arena, which is not under the knife. I have two years of experience optimization. Also after several times revised the site and the site of the punishment. For us to optimize the personnel to fight the greatest drop, then the site is included to reduce, because we know if not included don’t talk about rankings more don’t talk about traffic. I have experienced a sharp decline in several sites included the situation, and everything has its reason, only to find these reasons can really make it a misfortune. It is included to reduce the means that your site is punished? In fact, there are a lot of time because our site details do not lead to the. So the author today on their own personal experience to share three reasons lead to sites included sharply reduced. read more

Red net economic market scale of billions of 4 stocks look at take offWang Shutong foreign trade el


last week, a signed "Founder Securities rabbit Jun 123" 601901 the seller communication group analyst Liao Lei roadshow video quickly became popular in financial circles, caused by the securities investment circles especially strong repercussions buyer who, among the most sought after "Red Net" ranks. Haitong Securities 600837, the coal industry beauty analyst Li Miao set off a "Yan value + research value" of the second wave of high tide.

in Papi sauce won ten million yuan investment, net red economy is being more and more investors attention and attention. China Merchants Securities 600999 pointed out that, in the strict sense, "net red" is not new, but the concept of "net red economy" was put forward in the last two years. To achieve the leap from "net red" to "Red Net economy", we need high-quality social assets and appropriate business models. With the changes in consumer trends, the electricity supplier faces product homogenization, high traffic acquisition costs, low conversion rates and many other issues, as well as changes in the way consumers access to information, net red economy in the past two years, the rapid development. read more

O2O talking about the mission strategy and tactics of starting an undertakingExpose 5 common Wangzh


two, "earn * * yuan, free Wangzhuan training: advertisers claim, to learn, to see results, after paying, oh, well, too tempting. Deception: often you learn for a while, then they will tell you that you need a website to earn advertising fees, they can provide you with a website program, the price is very low. So we pay to buy, but buy that money is really hard, and then contact them, no longer used, because they have been denied. And this website program, perhaps is the website template that can be downloaded from the Internet free of charge. read more

ncubator did not usher in the collapse of the tide but suffered a big reshuffleAnalysis of the Nov

2, from the format of advertising,

overall hit rate is maintained at more than 2%, in fact, I think it is quite high. I see a lot of friends in that thing hits in the forum, many complained of less than 1%, and with the understanding of the network more and more readers, must not hit, like our small owners a year not to estimate several advertising. So I think we should always adjust the advertising style.

are all 336*280 size ads, and this type of ad is my favorite. According to the official statistics of shlf1314, this type of advertisement has the highest click rate, and I have tried many times, and it is true. Please stop being obsessed with banner ads. It’s just a legend. read more

Feng Lun talking about the choice of entrepreneurs in the period of social changeCool habitat 70% of

Another reason for ! "Let’s look at the next

third kinds of ways of allocating resources is to rely on the village folks, small private, basically not how to deal with the public.

is to see how the business ideas, is famous for its history through Feng Lun? The author of this paper is on January 21, 2013 in the positive and the island "decision-making" closed door salon at the finish, Yu Zheng and the first "reference" in March 2013 No. i..

cool living in the current state may be a lot of people do not understand. It is the end of October has just got the sky map capital investment of 100 million yuan, but at the same time turn off nearly 100 stores under the line. What makes people even more incomprehensible is that cool living is not financing for expansion, nor is it for shutting down shop, but for force, expanding the proportion of online, and reshaping the entire business model. read more

Both Robin Li and Ma Huateng believe the mobile nternet is overWhy are we always grass roots inje

as a webmaster, many times we just part-time, can earn is a pocket money, even if there is a full-time webmaster, every month also thousands of pieces, really can over ten million, I believe there are few. Why we can not succeed, we believe that there are many reasons, but really summed up the following points.

2, we don’t have the execution. In fact, for the injection of 1 million of the problem, in the webmaster BBS or have voted, most of the view is 1 million after don’t do webmaster. There is a big premise is that other people’s investment is our website, if you don’t do it, what’s the point of investing? read more

4 short boards that technical entrepreneurs must overcomeEntrepreneurial services industry has sprun

usually thinking of technical personnel will feel as long as the product is forced, users will come to the door, marketing and marketing instruments scoffed. Especially in the early days, when the product is driven by the original word of mouth, and gradually become popular in a small circle, the entrepreneur will even strengthen the idea.

Wei Kaiyuan: because at this stage, you are the most lonely, not in front of the village, after the shop, in front of a vast, in the road of the enterprise is the most lonely, this is the most difficult. read more

7 problems must be paid attention shlf1314 Adwords keyword advertisingTalk about how to do well and

problem three: the lack of reverse keyword

a problem. The lack of

was not created

nine, and finally the supply of goods should be sufficient, new products should continue to shelves, to attract old customers!

three, every day you pay attention to your window recommend a few times? If a concern, it is far from enough, two times three times four times is not enough, not much! Because you have recommended products off the shelf, you would recommend not to mind taking the trouble! Only recommended products is easier to search read more

Rookie domestic advertising a year of some experienceDid blogging start making money Types of blogs

blog that is more difficult to make money, we write up a bunch of articles, pictures or video, but few people down, even users are not, how to earn money, but also very easy to say, write some popular content, the picture to attract the eye, plus all to promote, as long as the flow up, talk about it more easy to make money.

content sharing blog

so what are the ways to make money from a blog? I do not have to say, you must know the advertising, shlf1314 Advertising is the largest in the world to do, and the credibility of the best advertising, advertising alliance of big and small plus other at home and abroad, all registered, click on the category, sales of advertising much beyond count however, due to environmental factors at home, better do CPC click on ads or less to do, or do shlf1314 Advertising, and other registration and sales advertisements are generally divided into more, but this type of advertisement requires personal webmaster has certain promotion and the network marketing ability, I now there are two kinds of blog advertising, one kind is registered, the other is a kind of sales, but not too good to do. read more

Beijing Search Technology Co Ltd For the beginner a few words hope useful

more and more people engaged in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan in, also have a lot of people earn money, although the money, but money can also be divided into two types: one is to make money through legitimate means, the other one is to make money by dishonest means, that is we often say "cheat"!

many beginner into Wangzhuan Road, just make money quickly, so many people use the psychological Wangzhuan novice beginner, start cheat money. For example to the beginner provides the quick start guide, teach him how to make a few hundred days, but to charge a fee and so on. Many beginner don’t know, you will be cheated! In fact Wangzhuan, not what the shortcut method, besides, if you have a good way to make money, you will be told? Think about all know this is a lie, why are there so many people cheated, and let the Wangzhuan liar succeed, this is Beginner’s weaknesses, make money fast for beginner! Not deceived, here to talk about Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice, interested friends can see: read more

t’s so hard to stand up and make moneyShare 6 people should know the business model

today, my hundred powder TV network has been nearly half a year, the engine received, but IP is not much, did not earn a penny, because the site to make money to many factors, not only to flow, but also a good advertising alliance. Traffic is not to say, for standing and different promotion methods, It differs from man to man.; advertising alliance, is really a headache, big is not easy to do, small bad faith, ordinary advertisement click rate click No, high rate of advertising is not very yellow, is very violent, very influence network > read more

The upstart social change is a nodeAunt Kitchen see retired aunt take away O2O how to play

due to this opportunity, according to CEO Hu Dusheng, a start in order to solve the problem of the company, employee lunch, special cooking aunt, when encountering "excess capacity", they will try to carry out the lunch to the bulkhead to employees of the company, found that the response is still good. Hu Dusheng simply led the staff to set up a stall selling lunch in Wangjing office, so make a bustling business.

in Hu Dusheng’s eyes, the key to building an aunt’s kitchen was at both ends – the cooking aunt and the white-collar eating. In order to find a suitable aunt, Hu Dusheng and his team traveled to Shanghai Lujiazui area of large and small vegetable market and elderly activity center, send her apron and distribute leaflets and the way told the gathered aunts: there is such a company to support you at home cooking, and can be a dish, a hand hand money. At present, aunt kitchen in Lujiazui region has settled 11 aunts, the average per person can receive about 30 orders per day. read more

The worst user experience of 14 websitesDo you really know how to start a business Look what do the

Travis Kalanick, founder of Uber

festival every year, particularly this year! This year’s Y Combinator Business School ceremony held at the Stanford University Memorial Auditorium, the annual festival there are about 2000 participants, there are several large coffee from the sector to make a speech.

has 1 million users in Facebook, I decided to choose

includes the social networking giant Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zukerberg, the founder of Travis car rental application Uber Kalanick, Y Combinator Jessica Livingston, partner in the picture of social networking sites Pinterest founder Ben Silberman, founder of Github Tom Preston-Werner and the Japanese e-commerce giant cool days founder Hiroshi Mikitani. I summarize some of the things that the most attractive speech, and summarized. read more

Briefly introduce Shao CP alliance profits and processesReal fund Xu Xiaoping ofo investment returns

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      mention CP platform, want webmaster should know, CP provider is to provide channel interface of a platform!

      SP is a provider of content and interfaces!

Tencent science and technology news editor, as angel investment community net red, the real fund founder partner Xu Xiaoping investment letter, buy a single man, jumei and other projects. Currently, the ofo share the bike on the air port, and the real estate fund is also involved. According to Xu Xiaoping revealed that the current fund to invest ofo million RMB, as of now, its investment returns have nearly 30 times. At a forum, Xu Xiaoping talks about the philosophy of investing in real funds and how to find top entrepreneurs. The following is the real fund Xu Xiaoping speech finishing: read more

Several steps to make money online using SEOTalk about small and medium sized webmaster Wangzhuan id

first I give this to write small webmaster Wangzhuan summarized several key words:

online gold panning can be said to be a lot of things, but not every item is suitable for everyone. This is based on a person’s social experience, what one sees and hears linked, so webmaster in determining the project goals, the best choice of their own areas of expertise, so in the update the original article, do not write the content of Evans exhausted, not empty. Of course, the webmaster can also choose their own not understand the field, as long as you have perseverance, eager to be developed in this field, can burst out a strong desire to learn, I believe that will be able to succeed! read more