Do part time white collar workers a monthly income of tens of thousands make you happy life

although white-collar work is not hard, nine to five, it is pleasant, but wages are indeed a little meager, if the wage alone, it is difficult to maintain life. Now most entrepreneurs are free occupation, in fact, energy-saving examples also meet the eye everywhere here, here is the office worker and part-time business stories, earn 60 thousand month, is not very temptation? As long as there are people going to work under the action of the main angle is your story.

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2012 what is the hottest

In 2011

, will be gone, so what the industry will in 2012 will be the hottest industry? It’s really worth thinking about. In 2012 to realize the ambition, create a great cause to choose the fire industry in 2012, then on 2012 the hottest industry what? This requires entrepreneurs shining eye, to seize every opportunity there, to strive for a piece of cake of their own, know 10 2012 the fire of the


2012 the hottest female supplies industry??.

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What are the advantages of joining Sichuan Liao ribs

in a large number of Sichuan joined the project, Sichuan Liao ribs has always been recognized brand names. Many investors are asked to open Sichuan restaurant really can make money? Xiao Bian think investment in Sichuan must be able to store. So how about this brand? Look at the following small series for you to do specific introduction.

"Liao ribs" is a famous Sichuan brand! Since 1982 formally established and registered trademarks, after 31 years of sustained and stable operation, has developed into a large private food enterprises in the province. As a result of the growth of the company under the jurisdiction of the Liao ribs: Sichuan Liao ribs Food Management Co., Ltd., Sichuan Liao ribs Food Co., Ltd., Chengdu Liao ribs seasoning Food Co., Ltd. three institutions. read more

Vinegar ten brands list the whole

vinegar can not only taste, but also has the effect of beauty, is a lot of people are very fond of a cooking condiment, but also has a very long history in our country, the industry’s brand is very much. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of vinegar, so that you can have a better understanding of China’s vinegar, and then choose the right consumer brands.

vinegar ten brands list NO.1, water tower:

Limited by Share Ltd is located in the "Tower of Shanxi laochencu China laochencu capital" — Qingxu County, is the national eight ministries identified as the first batch of national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, is currently a large Shanxi aged vinegar production base. read more

The successful operation of fast food franchise several big ideas

is now a lot of fast food brands have joined the franchise route, investors want to enter the fast food industry fishing gold, most of them choose to open fast food franchise. So how to successfully run fast food franchise? There are several tactics can be share to our fast-food entrepreneurs, help them quickly into a fast-food restaurant.

"customer first, always for the sake of customers"

only put the customer first, and thoughtful service, do not worry about not making money. According to the rare time, more and more people pay attention to efficiency, accelerating the pace of life, has always been to "fast" and "convenient" to attract customers. For the convenience of customers fast meals, all adopt "buffet" in the form of food was put in the gift box, customers need only one team, can be removed by food. read more

Beijing City the increasing number of public kindergartens

in the Spring Festival approaching the health, the children will gradually return to the campus in Beijing has been facing the problem of kindergarten crunch, recently Beijing City Department of Education Office Park expansion efforts, so that more children can enter the school, let them become rich and colorful campus life.


points, in order to increase efforts to preschool education services, this year, Beijing city will expand the Department of Education Office Park, public park held to support high-quality access support division, primary school affiliated kindergarten, kindergarten class support existing extension. To improve the city’s financial subsidies to the various departments of the park, encourage private capital to do the park group. read more

Jilin City the relevant departments have made outstanding achievements in the whole forest leg ro

in order to be able to give people a comfortable environment, to win people’s recognition, in Jilin, the work of returning farmland to forests, will certainly win recognition. Jilin has been the loss of 2 million 710 thousand acres of forest land to recover, the cumulative total of more than 3 acres of forest in the past year, more than the completion of the original work of the clean up and reclaim the forest land of 1 million 660 thousand acres of forest is also the work of the target of 1 million acres of land in the past 1 million 620 thousand years. read more

Oil press good health investment oil

in our life now, the awareness of a healthy diet is increasing. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the healthy market, no doubt, is very wise, very choice of business opportunities is not it? So, to choose to join the oil doctor oil press?


oil press really can turn out the effect of oil, this machine adopts the forced feeding device, feeding speed, pressing speed, wide soybean, rapeseed, peanut, sesame, sunflower, Hu Mazi, camellia seed, cottonseed, pepper seeds, nuts, seeds, castor, Tong a variety of almond oil crops. read more

Teddy bus investment brand strength good business without trouble

food and beverage to join the project selection, has been very business opportunities. For the small business franchisees, choose to enter the catering industry, is a very wise choice is not it? The advent of the Teddy bus, not only by the love of consumers, but also to join the lucky bus project, get rich good project.

Teddy bus, a fish and chips as the main product of Western fast food restaurant to join the company, by virtue of its authentic British tradition, the assurance of the quality and taste of the meet, to create their own western fast-food brands. With the successful experience of many years, the company has established a complete set of product standards, no matter which city you set up shop, you can protect your worries. read more

Little sister Zhang money make money spicy tripe join

How about

Little Sister Zhang money spicy tripe? In our daily life, the food which is recognized by the consumers is always a great opportunity. Like a little sister Zhang money to join the project like spicy tripe, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. So, join a small sister Zhang money spicy tripe money?

Little Sister Zhang money to join headquarters phone spicy tripe, little sister Zhang spicy tripe join money make money?

Little Sister Zhang money with fresh healthy spicy tripe raw materials, strict grasp every operation process and details, precise control of temperature, pointed out by a fresh authentic, popular health food, with the purchase of taste to attract consumers to create sustainable value. read more

How to get value for money Buffet

new year to go home, the big guy should be the most busy gathering of classmates or friends and relatives between the parties, which should be the busiest during the food and beverage industry. At the end of the year, with the arrival of the festival, the atmosphere of the party is becoming more and more intense, the crowd of dining out increased, the restaurant industry has entered the final sprint stage. The more prosperous, more businesses want to fish in troubled waters. It is reported that the day before, barbecue buffet brand chain is Han Li Xuan health problem, and use the duck meat as beef. Then, with the use of low-cost food more buffet restaurant industry insider was exposed: the famous Shenzhen cafeteria by the media All people belong to one family. investigations found Houchu multiple violations of raw material for synthetic refrigeration fin needle "suspected" three noes "products. read more

No money no experience of how to choose the best store address

shop to do business must have hope to gain more benefits, want a better business on the site, but also need to pay attention, if you have strong communication ability or have some connections, which can be closely linked to the company formed a strategic partnership with your business, not only the location of lower cost locations there are security.

whether black or white, as long as it catches mice; seven regardless of eight principles methods, to be able to choose a good site is a good rule, at a low cost to choose good site is on the law. read more

How much is the joining fee for all business hawker steak Sheng

mentioned Italy, you will think of a series of Related words, for example, gourmet capital, fashion Milan, football Kingdom, economic power, tourist attractions, rich European culture. Italy is also called "Italy", meaning "calf growth paradise", with hundreds of years of steak culture, there have been many touching stories and related steak, hawker wins is one of them. Steak steak with delicious hawker capture wins the heart of many consumers, consumers establish a good reputation, is a good project to make money, so much money to win hawker steak? read more