experiment station Baidu included rules

has recently been rumored to stop Baidu included new sites, through my experiments, the following conclusions:

No. 11.06, No. 11.22 Baidu big update, Baidu big update, until 12.2, Baidu big update, in the meantime, rumors of Baidu adjustment algorithm, stop included new sites, these views may be justified, but I have to person during the period of experience, and we discuss.

in mid October, made a new station, take the original promotion methods (to forums, answer questions, increase the chain, Baidu Post Bar, know in Sina, TOM, a whoop and a holler, and do blog), until 11.06, Baidu big update, the reverse link more than and 600, O included page, other search engines included normal, then give up the. read more

The 5 step to achieve differentiated content marketing so easy

introduction: micro-blog, WeChat, or watercress…… Social networking platform is bristly, enough to make your content marketing spread! Now, want to let you out of the ordinary content, only 5 steps! Quick 5 step method, let your brand to become the next Durex


now, more and more enterprises to promote the brand in social media, resulting in the content marketing beyond count. However, they converge, the effect of mediocre. How do the differences of content marketing, and can not simply rely on the diagram with text in the form of Simon, Jones proposed a fresh "content marketing five" principle, come and worship, let your brand to become the next Durex read more

The use of the most popular movie promotion with creativity

of the global financial crisis under the film entertainment besieged on all sides, Piaohong, "why is this, huh?" think about history, economic depression is Hollywood oxytoic woman, "lipstick effect" of the magic entertainment industry especially the movie will shine. Communication master Mcluhan said that the media information is also exposed! Media, unlimited extension of the marketing advertising people thinking: when more and more audience by the movie "siege", the media will greatly enhance the value of the film itself. The other end of the scale and consumers in the traditional advertising bombing, already looked absent-minded, "the sound of advertising, but don’t regard". read more

Link to other people’s Web site

was supposed to cite a few black hat SEO example, can be in a normal post length. But when you write an example, look at the space. Although I personally never, can not, dare not, use black hat or grey hat SEO skills, but also very much against the black hat gray hat SEO. But we also enjoyed the black hat SEO. It seems that everyone has a subconscious heart of evil, but depressed by social roles. Can not do, talk about the mouth can also be addicted to.

, of course, introduced black hat SEO, is not to encourage anyone to do. As has been said, I am against black hat SEO technology, especially those that have no artistic skills. The reason why, just let us know more about a variety of practices, but also can prevent the trap. China. Adsense nets read more

Creative marketing that allows users to interact with each other

allows users to connect with each other in creative marketing

What is the creative marketing of

that allows users to connect with each other? Maybe you don’t know how to do it. Do not know how to do, but we can in some cases, to find the logic behind them, and then analyzed, refined the method for guiding our operations. Look at the case

Germany chocolate brand Milka chocolate bar, the normal version is a large cut into 20 pieces, when you need to eat again after break apart and eat, this version is the same price, but to give you 19 pieces!? the small loss, not production defects, also not be eating but, in order to complete the "last piece of chocolate, leaving you most care about people watching" link address: http://s.v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjAzOTU1OTEy.html firsttime=94 read more

Spend thousands of bone from the perspective of P2P net loan marketing how to allow investors to fol

recently, TV drama "flower and bone like this" hot dog days of weather, in addition to heat or heat. The four bit high rich handsome, with a cute, flower bloom flower and bone MM. The story is a child heart abuse! Four "(fairy albinopainting, monarch kill sister, different Oriental jade, Jun Immortal Emperor Meng Xuanlang) at the same time to spend one thousand bone goddess of love at first sight, try to protect. But there are like Ni sky such a malicious woman with the background, arrogant paranoia, has been looking for the goddess of trouble, until the flowers are MM child death. The flower and bone is what charm to make four rich handsome rather if you are well, may the spare tire to the old "? The P2P net loan marketing from the flower and bone story, how to let investors to us if you are, I will follow the old read more

Some thoughts on WeChat marketing


users increased dramatically this year, there is greater than QQ in the frequency of use of mobile terminal trend. In particular, the more intimate chat between friends and the star public WeChat account interaction, coupled with a mature two-dimensional code technology. How to do a good job in the future of WeChat marketing is also a learning.

a, WeChat how to make money?

Korea Kakao and Line revenue model or value reference:

1, KaKao: (1) Gift service. Users can be purchased in the application of small commodities coupons sent to friends, friends can be changed online (2) paid expression; (3) advertising (4) game platform; read more

The enterprise website as the main position of network marketing

today’s consumers have developed a habit of buying any necessary goods, total love go online search, compare the difference between the function of the product and the price of the product, which feel right, it decided to direct towards businesses there. Therefore, in order to determine the impact of consumer behavior, consumers should start from the enterprise website itself!

There are many factors that influence the purchasing behavior of consumers, such as the

brand awareness, corporate advertising, consumer reputation, product price, etc.. As the most popular Internet marketing, the theme model is still based on the enterprise website platform for the promotion of marketing. This is because the site itself has more advantages and features: read more

Thinking about marketing

‘s Thoughts on marketing

I sold a year and a half of maternal and child products, and in this year, for marketing can be said to have a new understanding. Prior to the knowledge of marketing are staying at this level of theory, such as their real marketing will be found, the theory and practice is a gap, it can be said that the gap between heaven and earth. Zhao Kuo empty talk ruined the four hundred thousand Zhao soldiers. Pure theory of marketing knowledge almost let me venture failed. Here to share with you the next year I think about marketing. read more

Rice Festival talk about millet fans behind the marketing strategy

April 8th is the anniversary of the establishment of the five anniversary of millet company, but also many rice noodles are looking forward to rice Festival, after five years of development, millet has become a well-known brand in the domestic mobile phone market. At the same time, also accumulated a large number of users and fans millet, but the last two years, more and more millet competitors, on the one hand is to follow the marketing strategy of millet, on the other hand is to grab millet mobile phone market share. Plus mobile phone increasingly small profits, millet company is very careful, of course, millet is also trying to set foot in other areas, such as the introduction of the smart TV, smart Home Furnishing, intelligent routers and other products. read more

17 won the music venture capital investment of 150 million yuan to build the best Chinese broadcast

today, 17 officially announced the joint Beijing tour Century Technology Co., Ltd. was established Chinese company in China, and won the prestigious venture investment fund music 150 million yuan heavy investment, will actively expand China live community market. In the face of increasingly popular mobile video broadcast social field, investors are confident about the future of 17 china.

17 by senior entrepreneurs is also well-known artist Mr. Jeff Huang founded the investment chairman Wang Sicong and Infinity Venture at Partners in early investment. July 2015, 17 listed in Taiwan, then triggered a boom. All users of the software can be broadcast, and as long as the audience reaches a certain number of cash dividends. 17 by virtue of the powerful broadcast function and reward mechanism caused a sensation, just 2 months to become the most popular social APP, now the application downloads more than 10 million. Domestic 17 will use SKYEYE monitoring system, the content of all regulatory filtering, will do all the content in line with the requirements of domestic network regulation. read more

The analysis of unconventional ways of website promotion

nowadays, website promotion way is multifarious. Due to the increasingly fierce competition, the efficiency of the traditional website promotion methods have become increasingly low, the owners are trying to break the routine, the embodiment of innovative thinking. The following list a few cases for the owners reference.

1, "viral marketing" expansion:

recently in the QQ group inside often see roughly as "today just found a free inquiry girlfriend (boyfriend) the location of the mobile phone website, the accuracy rate was 99%, the exact range of mobile phone location 50 meters, chain street can be displayed, it is unbelievable, the address is……" The advertisement information, the author found that after landing the text "positioning system detects that you have not landed in 10 seconds will automatically transfer the query system default number: XXXXXXXXXX", see here, I probably know this station publicity ideas, is nothing more than the use of Internet users curiosity doing viral marketing. The station uses a membership system, with promotional offline code, suggesting that the user to a certain extent, you can use the full functionality of the station. The station’s revenue is mainly GG advertising, home page can see a lot of GG advertising. Should be, this way and thinking for a long time, understand the theory of the whole people are making a classic. So, this way there are people doing so old-fashioned? Its success lies in the design of theme selection and slogan, also elaborate several animation query mobile phone positioning system (which is actually an illusion), all of these, for ordinary users tempting rookie. Believe that the station will get a lot of traffic and income. read more

The living website promotion method of selling street subway

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The specific implementation of new station promotion

at the beginning of each webmaster site hope that the site can quickly improve the site’s views, but a lot of new owners always feel no promotion. Nothing happens today, write some experience to everyone, if there is wrong place please forgive me.

how to promote new sites


recommend a: SNS promotion

is now more popular SNS "happy net", a post release function, some new and interesting content, reprint by friends, and attach themselves to the links in the content. This method is currently the most effective way, the content should not be finished at once, the attractive part of the site to stay in their own, tell the reader, click here to see the full text. Then register a few happy network account, add some friends, your post content will soon be spread, the volume will follow. read more

Electricity supplier should do this to make money

a few days ago a friend to find me, ask how to sell products to make money? Why is he a single product is not ideal, working so hard every day to sell just enough money to advertising, every day for work platform. To answer this question, we first look at the current situation of the three major electricity supplier platform, a basic case:


Ali do not have to say that we all know, at present, Taobao shop is the most people, it is currently the largest electricity supplier platform, from a few years old to seventy or eighty years old are aware of things to buy Taobao. read more

How to protect domain name protect domain name from domain name registration [

how to protect the domain name? I do not know how many people have encountered the problem of domain name protection. But at least I found that some people have been concerned about, but it is estimated that the vast majority of companies do not know the most basic protection of the domain name, the most critical aspects of the domain name registration!

China company of domestic network

when some kind of uneven, the network domain name registration company to help guests cheat guests: the use of its own data, the domain name registration down when the ownership is the network company. This means that the guests spent money to register the domain name, but it is a network company, as long as the network company is not happy, guests can lose the right to use the domain name at any time. read more

Ali 11 international Tmall international and Taobao for the first time to participate in overseas


technology news October 30th afternoon, the Alibaba’s retail platform Tmall announced this year, double 11 Shopping Festival will expand to the world, Tmall international, Taobao overseas, sold speed pass for the first time in the double 11. Ali to electronic business platform, rookie logistics platform, cloud computing, big data capabilities, such as the core of the global ecosystem has been initially established.

double 11 this year, Tmall international, Taobao overseas, fast sell through, including the platform are involved in the double 11. read more

Jingdong mall exposes one day loss of two hundred million electricity supplier chaos war or into the

data figure

Beijing, March 26, (IT channel Zuo Shengdan) electricity supplier price war, so that consumers love hate mixed. Consumers benefit from the purchase of cheap goods, but there are consumers, electricity supplier price war indifferent, or even offensive. According to the Beijing News reported that China Electronic Commerce Research Center monitoring shows that last year, the national electricity supplier price war no less than 10 times, after half a month after the price war, are the peak of customer complaints. Some analysts believe that the current electricity supplier service is still a weak link. The electronic commerce in the distribution, installation, maintenance and other aspects of product return, is still short board. read more

Why the strong electricity supplier online game gene

in the Internet investment community has a piece: business is "wolf" in the story of the child, as long as the business started crying wolf, the wolf really came. This means that, as long as the electricity supplier bigwigs involved in a particular industry, then the industry in a period of time, will be booming. For the precise investment, the speech slightly ridicule, but, in fact, we carefully recall. That’s what it is.

For example,

before and after 2010, with the full replacement of intelligent mobile phone to feature phone, apple hot air swept the world, various electricity providers have launched smart mobile phone and Internet leading brand, but is with the way of cooperation, Tencent and Amagatarai launched W808WiQQ intelligent mobile phone, the Alibaba launched Ali cloud intelligent mobile phone, Baidu and DELL cooperation Baidu launched a mobile phone trading platform, after two years, self-made electricity supplier launched mobile phone, not only mobile phone manufacturers with the electricity supplier of mobile phone fast, and electricity providers also opened up business areas, the development of mobile phone market China for two years, everyone is obvious to people. read more

Cross border electricity supplier market booming domain name fiery

renamed China (eName.cn) January 14th news, in recent years, the sea Amoy, overseas purchasing market, Suning, Amazon, vip.com and other Jingdong, electricity supplier giants have entered the stage to share a cup of soup. See cross-border electricity supplier platform more and more, and related to the sea Amoy class domain name also with a fire, the transaction prices continue to rise.

NetEase enabled animal domain name koala sea Amoy


: koala sea purchase

recently, a NetEase, enable the "koala" Larry domain kaola.com, built its cross-border business platform "koala sea purchase". In the fixed thinking of people, looks like only the sea, Amoy, ocean, buy, buy "such names that linked with the cross-border electricity supplier, but in fact, the domain name and domain name with animal fruit essence lies in different approaches but equally satisfactory results, they do not belong to a particular industry, looking at what seems useless, but in fact it is available everywhere. read more